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UAC Atlantica Facility
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UAC Atlantica Facility is the first level of The Ancient Gods, Part One, the first expansion for Doom Eternal. The level is set on the UAC Atlantica, the UAC's oceanic climate and environmental research station, which secretly conceals the body of the Seraphim - the Doom Slayer is tasked with finding this being in order to free Urdak from the demons' control.



Get the Seraphim's key

Locate the Seraphim


There are no challenges for this level.

Secret encounters[edit]

1. Below the deck of the first marauder encounter: 25 seconds to kill one mancubus, two carcasses, and a single zombie.

2. In the room where you find the earliest Dive Suit, a button will open two passages in the water below. In the farthest left passage, a gravity lift will launch you into an enclosed room: 15 seconds to kill 4 spectres.


The Atlantica ocean platform was known as the UAC's primary climate and environmental research station. Hundreds of scientists and engineers produced critical work there during the earliest days of the worldwide energy crisis before Argent energy was introduced.

The existence of a second facility below, cloaked in the depths of a deep trench, was kept hidden to everyone, including the workers on the facility above. The concealed lower structure houses the original body of the Seraphim, stored there after he transferred his consciousness into a cloned human body in order to move freely within the populace.