UAC Mars Base


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The UAC Mars Base is a UAC base on the planet Mars which features as the primary setting of the 2016 Doom. It is the center of the UAC's Argent energy research projects, which utilize interdimensional travel and portals to harness the energy of Hell for use by mankind. It is located in Hellas Planitia, a plain within the Hellas impact basin, which is both the lowest terrain on the planet itself, and the largest known visible impact crater in the Solar System.[1]



Pre-release materials released by Bethesda in the wake of E3 2015 referred to the entirety of the Mars Base as the "Argent Facility," a name which was later reduced to only refer to the central energy extraction and conversion facility. It was said that research was undertaken there on diverse projects such as the portable electromagnetic particle accelerator, a technology which was said to be used in the plasma rifle.[2] These materials also vaguely stated that the discovery of "artificial symbols" near the base marking the surface of Mars would serve as a catalyst for its invasion by the forces of Hell.[3] Most of these details did not survive to the game's release.


  • Argent is an English adjective and a term in heraldry denoting the color silver. It derives from Latin argentum, with the same meaning.


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