UAC Military Nightmare


UAC Military Nightmare was a WAD created by Terry in 2008 that requires Skulltag. The player has to open up the console and type "map uac01" in order to play this WAD. It consists of 18 levels, plus 1 additional level that replaces Map 05 of Doom 2. Terry's first single level wad under the name Dr. Tickle, was used once again in UAC Military Nightmare, this time called "The Crackhead's Forest".

Most likely a joke WAD, it received a poor response by many Doom fans due to the vulgarity of the scripts, often featuring threats to anally rape the player. The enemies consist of John Romero heads shooting BFG blasts that will kill you even in god mode, flame-shooting Ralphis heads shouting out "Spam spam! Spammy spam!" and a few more large pictures. This WAD was awarded Worst wad at the 15th Annual Cacowards.


Over the years, UAC Military Nightmare has gone down in history as one of the worst wads ever made, though a few disagree.

A fanmade sequel, UAC Military Nightmare 2 was released by Darsycho, and an unfinished beta was released on December 26th, 2012. The sequel was planned to be released sometime back in April of 2012, but was constantly pushed back due to constant lack of interest and his real life getting in the way. He released it in June of 2013.

The mini John heads which appear in the "The Good-Guy Hallways", shows up in Millennia Invasion as a tribute to the said level in UAC Military Nightmare.

In the wad Atomic Attack by "Uncle Cracker", some of Terry's sounds and music are used, and the Ralphis heads return, this time shooting exploding cans of homing spam.

UAC Military Nightmare was removed from the idgames archive on 5 May, 2014, though not due to its low quality, but rather due to the fact that (like other removed files) it contained garbage lumps meant solely to bloat the file, and because there were a few console commands meant to corrupt the player's configuration file.

A fanmade prequel, Before The Nightmare was created by a clan called the Grapevine Elites and released in March of 2015.

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