UAC handbook


The UAC Handbook is a 23-page booklet published by Bethesda Softworks as a part of the limited-release DOOM UAC Pack. It is an in-universe instruction manual for Tier 1 advocates of the Union Aerospace Corporation, written by its Division of Happy Employment.



The front cover is entirely black, depicting the two UAC logos in red. The booklet treats the front cover as Page 01.


UB-ID 02 - Power, From The People[edit]

The first page congratulates the reader in joining the UAC and introduces the handbook's goals. It also depicts the "Progress Takes Sacrifice" poster.

UB-ID 03 - Contents[edit]

A typical table of contents for the following sections.

UB-ID 04-05 - UAC Overview[edit]

This section introduces Olivia Pierce and Samuel Hayden, and provides basic information on the Argent Facility.

Page 06[edit]

An advertisement for positions on the UAC R&D Team on Phobos.

UB-ID 07 - Lazarus Lab[edit]

This page acts as a table of contents for the following section.

UB-ID 08-13 - Test Subjects[edit]

The most extensive section of the handbook provides details on several "brilliant creatures", including the Cyberdemon, Revenant, Cacodemon, Mancubus, Possessed Soldier, and Pinky.

Page 14[edit]

An advertisement for positions at the UAAF on Tei Tenga.

UB-ID 16-21 - UAC Weapons[edit]

This section introduces the Advanced Weaponry Division and a partial list of its arsenal, including the Combat Shotgun, Heavy Assault Rifle, Plasma Rifle, Chainsaw, Rocket Launcher, and BFG-9000.

UB-ID 22-23 - UAC Safety[edit]

The final section provides various dos and don'ts whilst on the job in a humorous tone.


  • Page 05 claims that over 60,000 employees work in the Argent Facility.
  • Page 16 erroneously refers to the Combat shotgun as the Super shotgun.