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Title screen
Author scwiba
Port Vanilla Doom
Year 2018
Link Doomworld/idgames

UnNecessary is a Doom II megawad created by scwiba, and a sequel of his Doom 1 three-episode WAD UnAligned. Much like its predecessor, UnNecessary features short, compact but experimental maps with sometimes unorthodox gameplay, and was built over the course of 30 days, releasing to the /idgames archive on January 30, 2018. scwiba would go on to create two more megawads in this series, UnBeliever for Heretic and The UnMaking for Doom 64.



Built-in demos[edit]

This WAD features three built-in demos. All require Doom II v1.9 to view them. The demo levels are:

Demo Level Skill Tics Length
DEMO1 MAP03: The Silver Bullet 4 4108 1:57.37
DEMO2 MAP26: Rocket League 2.0 4 3016 1:26.17
DEMO3 MAP11: Pipe Dream 4 3464 1:38.97

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