Unix port parameters

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For a list of command line parameters in original Doom games and for general information on Doom parameters, see the main parameters article.

The Unix Doom ports support various extra command line parameters not found in vanilla Doom. Below is a list of them.

-2, -3, -4[edit]

Scales the window by 2x, 3x, or 4x under X.

disp <display>[edit]

Specifies an X display to use (the display from the DISPLAY environment variable is used if this is not provided).

-geom <geometry>[edit]

Specifies the size and position of the window when playing under X.


"Grabs" the mouse when playing under X. The mouse is kept inside the window so that it can be used as a control.

-net <player> <ip> <ip> ...[edit]

Starts a multiplayer game. The first argument specifies the player number (starting from 0), while the remaining arguments specify the IP addresses of the other machines in the game. For example, to start a game between two machines with IP addresses and, the first user would type doom -net 0 and the second user would type doom -net 1

-port <number>[edit]

Specifies the network port to be used in multiplayer games. If no port is specified, port 666 is used.