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In June 2007, John Romero released a collection of unused MIDI music tracks on his website, which were created as part of Doom's development but not used within the game. Some of the tracks were used in the game in a different form. In total 31 .mid files are in the collection, and these are of historical interest, as they give insight into Doom's development process (the tools used by Bobby Prince) and also insight into the musical inspirations behind Doom's music.

Many of the tracks are inspired by tracks by popular heavy metal bands and are annotated with metadata that names the song from which they take inspiration. This provided confirmation to some fans who had long noticed musical similarities between certain tracks in Doom's soundtrack and well-known heavy metal songs.

In a 2017 interview, Bobby Prince clarified that the "un" prefix for the filenames is an abbreviation for "use not", indicating that these files were specifically not intended to be used in the games for legal reasons.[1]


Filename Length Metadata Notes
opening.mid 1:03 Romero: "this was an idea for the original Doom title screen song."; Ultimately used for MAP30: Icon of Sin (Doom II) where it was titled "Opening to Hell".
un08.mid 0:48 Ultimately used in E3M8: Dis (Doom) where it was titled "Facing the Spider". Possibly inspired by S.O.D. "Sargent D & the S.O.D."
un09.mid 0:40 Likely inspired by S.O.D. "Sargent D & the S.O.D."
un12.mid 0:13 Likely inspired by S.O.D. "Pi Alpha Nu"
un13.mid 1:13 Likely inspired by S.O.D. "Milano Mosh"
un14.mid 1:03 Created by Power Chords 1.0 (c) 1992, Howling Dog Systems Likely inspired by S.O.D. "Pi Alpha Nu"
un15.mid 0:54 A version of this appears in Blake Stone: Aliens of Gold
un16.mid 0:28 Likely inspired by S.O.D. "Speak English or Die"
un17.mid 1:16 Romero: "Would have actually fit in the game". Likely inspired by Slayer "Raining Blood"
un18.mid 0:57 Likely inspired by Slayer "Silent Scream".
un19.mid 1:36 Alice in Chains -- Facelift -- "We Die Young" A version of this was used in E1M9 and E3M9, titled "Hiding the Secrets".
un20.mid 2:06 Alice in Chains -- Facelift -- "Man In The Box"
un21-f.mid 2:42 Stone Temple Pilots -- "Dead and Bloated"
un23.mid 1:39 Stone Temple Pilots -- "Sex Type Thing" A version of this appeared in DemonStar released in 1997, for which Bobby Prince also composed the music.
un28.mid 1:38 Alice in Chains -- Dirt -- "Them Bones" Ultimately used in MAP23: Barrels o' Fun (Doom II), titled "Bye Bye American Pie".
un30.mid 1:16 Romero: "I like it’s funkiness. Reminds me of Wolfy."
un31.mid 0:52 Soundgarden -- "Rusty Cage"
un32.mid 2:38 Soundgarden -- "Outshined"
un36.mid 1:16 Soundgarden -- "Outshined" Romero: "I hated this song. I assigned it to e3m6 originally and everytime I ran that level I just cringed. I eventually removed it." Likely inspired by Soundgarden "Slaves & Bulldozers"
un37.mid 0:58 Soundgarden -- "Outshined" Ultimately used in E3M2: Slough of Despair (Doom), titled "Donna to the Rescue". Likely inspired by Body Count "Body Count's in the House"
un39.mid 0:23 Alice in Chains -- Dirt -- "Rain When I Die" Romero: "Would have been a cool intermission screen."
un41.mid 1:27 Alice in Chains -- Dirt -- "Rooster"
un42.mid 1:49 Alice in Chains -- Dirt -- "JunkHead"
un43.mid 2:19 Alice in Chains -- Dirt -- "Dirt"
un44.mid 1:47 AC-DC "Big Gun" A version of this was used in E2M1: Deimos Anomaly (Doom) and titled "I Sawed The Demons".
un45.mid 2:07 Alice in Chains -- Dirt -- "God Smack"
un46.mid 1:55 Alice in Chains -- Dirt -- "Angry Chair" A version of this was used in MAP25: Bloodfalls (Doom II) and titled "Adrian's Asleep".
un48.mid 2:02 Slayer -- South Of Heaven -- "Behind The Crooked Cross" A version of this was used in E3M3: Pandemonium (Doom) and titled "Deep Into The Code".
un49.mid 4:32 Created by Power Chords 1.0 (c) 1992, Howling Dog Systems A version of this was used in E1M3: Toxin Refinery (Doom) and titled "Dark Halls".
un51.mid 1:19 Likely inspired by Pantera "Walk"
un52.mid 2:04 Created by Power Chords 1.0 (c) 1992, Howling Dog Systems Romero: "A better version of this song was in the game". He is probably referring to MAP07: Dead Simple (Doom II). The track is likely inspired by Slayer "South of Heaven"

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