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Urdak is a location in Doom Eternal and the game's twelfth level. It is the homeworld of the Maykrs and forms the basis for many cultures' interpretations of Heaven. The Khan Maykr is fought as a boss.

"Nekravol's energy conduit has transported you to Urdak, homeworld of the Khan Maykr. The souls of Earth's victims flow here, converted into a source of energy for a dying species. The Khan Maykr will stop at nothing to save Urdak, even if it means the complete consumption of Earth. Prevent her from gaining control of the Icon of Sin and put an end to her plans once and for all."
― Loading description


According to VEGA, age analysis of the structures and architecture of Urdak indicates that it is older than any other world on record. Their architecture also resembles that of multiple religions across the galaxy, indicating that the Maykrs' influence was not limited to Argent D'Nur and may have extended across the whole universe. Indeed, even the name "Urdak" translates to "Heaven" or "Paradise" across hundreds of different languages, a testament to their widespread worship.

Urdak is protected by artificial beings called Archangels - large, floating cross-like structures, one of which is seen passing by in the beginning of the level. Their number and capabilities are unknown, but it is logical to assume they possess energy manipulation abilities similar to other Maykrs.

Urdak itself exists in an anchor state, utilizing highly advanced dimensional shift technology to allow a static position at a sub-quantum level. This effectively places it as the "reverse" of Hell, a 'higher' reality corresponding to Hell's 'lower' one, although both exist outside of the mundane universe; as a result, no being from Hell can enter Urdak or vice versa. However, when the Icon of Sin was awakened within Urdak the seal which protected it was broken, allowing the demons to invade it like any other world. Though Samuel Hayden reprimands the Slayer for unwittingly damning Urdak, he concludes that it was the Khan Maykr's hubris in bringing the Icon there in the first place which truly caused the loss of Paradise.



Disrupt the ritual
Reconfigure the portal to Earth
Align the celestial rings (0/3)


Go through the door in front of you and turn right to see a green pad; stepping on it will activate a flight ring and propel you to the next building. Look left to find a second pad and use the flight ring to propel you over to a third pad; after activating the third pad, use the monkey bar in front of you to swing to a flight ring that will fire you over to a climbable wall, go to the top and look right to see another pair of rings that will send you to a safe platform (dashing to the last two rings is recommended or you may fall short). Once you get to the fourth pad, step on it then use the next few rings to reach a door and head through it to a pit, then look into the pit to see a green button that you can shoot to deactivate the laser grid above it. Dash through the grid to enter a circular room containing the automap station, then follow the tree-lined path to a door leading to the ritual chamber.

After the cutscene, you will drop into an arena that introduces the Maykr drone enemy; striking its head with a sticky bomb or precision bolt will instantly kill it. Dispose of the drones along with various heavy demons, which will cause some suspended climbable walls to rise from the pit; like the suspended coffins in the Doom Hunter Base, these walls fall away shortly after you grab them so move quickly. Jump across two walls and dash into a cracked grate, then follow the vent until you drop down a hole and catch a climbable wall on the way down. Look left to jump to a monkey bar and swing to a nearby walkway, kill the zombies here then climb up the platforms to a Codex page. Go to the end of the platform and look left for another cracked grate you can dash into, then follow the vent until you find another grate leading into the second arena. Dispose of the zombies and drones along with a cacodemon and pain elemental, which will open a nearby door and reveal a punchable block. Strike the block to push it to the other side of the hall, then climb on it and turn left to see a cracked Khan Maykr statue; dash into it to destroy it, then use the plinth it stood on to reach a monkey bar leading to a climbable wall.

Go to the top of the wall and look left to reach another wall, then jump right to a monkey bar leading to another grate. Follow the vent to another grate and punch through it quickly, as the arena below contains a buff totem; after dropping out of the vent, enter the launcher in front of you then turn left to find it. Kill all the heavy opposition in this area, which ends with a Doom hunter and a dread knight, then look in one corner of the arena to find a laser grid; if you turn round you will find some steps with a monkey bar above them, which will swing you up to a punch switch that lowers the grid for a few moments. Pass through the grid and turn left to walk past some zombies; a baron of Hell will come through the door in front of you, so destroy it then go through the door and head down to a second door that leads outside - Samuel Hayden will explain that you must realign the celestial rings to create a portal back to Earth. Go down the steps and turn left to find a pad that will activate a flight ring, then use it to reach the building that controls the first ring. Destroy the revenant and cyber-mancubus that head your way along with several fodder demons, which will cause a marauder to spawn by the door to the building; after killing it, go through the door and interact with the control panel to align the cyan ring.

Go back to the landing area and kill two cacodemons that fly in. There are two more flight pads on either side of the landing area; step on the left-hand pad and use the flight ring to catapult yourself to another combat encounter, then head through the arena to find an arch-vile by a Hell barrier and aim to kill it before it brings in reinforcements. Once you have killed all the enemies, head through the barrier and follow the path round to find two more flight pads; you will need to use both to reach the control panels for the remaining rings.

  • Step on the left-hand pad and use two flight rings to propel yourself into another arena, but get moving immediately as a buff totem will spawn when you land; turn left and walk past a launcher to find a monkey bar leading to the totem. After destroying the totem you will have to face several heavy demons including a revenant, mancubi, whiplashes and a tyrant. Once all significant opposition has been cleared you will see a door open behind a window; go through that door and ride the elevator behind it up, then go through the door in front of you to find the control panel for the purple ring. After activating the panel, go back down the slope and use the door on your right to get back outside, then follow the path down to a flight pad that will return you to the fourth arena.
  • Step on the right-hand pad and use two flight rings to propel yourself to a climbable wall; climb up it then turn right to find a monkey bar that will lead you into another arena. Head straight forward to dispose of a dread knight then press the skull switch it was guarding to unlock the door ahead of you. Go through this door to enter a second, larger arena that features much more opposition, culminating with two barons - once all the significant enemies are killed you will see a Hell barrier drop, so go through the door behind it and follow the path to another flight pad. The next sequence can be tricky - you must use the flight ring to reach a climbable wall in the distance, jump from here across three suspended walls, then jump through a laser grid with a green button above it that must be shot in mid-air. Once you make it through the grid, turn right to find the control panel for the orange ring and activate it, then use the elevator behind you to reach the top floor. Head past some mecha zombies and follow the path until you get outside, then turn right to find a flight pad leading back to the central building.

Once you return to the central building having aligned all three celestial rings, go back to the area with the two flight pads to find that a door here has been unlocked. Go through it and push past a zombie, then kill the approaching drones and Hell knight before proceeding to an elevator which is surrounded by lasers. Past this elevator is a purple pool containing the body of a transfigured Maykr; swim down to the bottom to find a cracked window and dash through it to lower the water level, then surface and go up the slope that has been revealed to find a skull switch that will allow you to reach the elevator. Step on it to be taken up to the final arena where the Khan Maykr is waiting for you.

The Khan Maykr is a formidable opponent that can throw energy waves and fire purple orbs which can throw you off the arena; she will also call down beams of light that pursue you and leave trails of fire. To make the Khan vulnerable you must shoot at her until her shield collapses, then use the super shotgun's meat hook to pull yourself up to her and strike her with a blood punch. The shield will restore itself if it is left undamaged for too long, so rapid-fire weapons such as the chaingun and plasma rifle are recommended; headshot the elite Maykr drones in the arena if you need more ammo. As the fight progresses the Khan will cover more and more of the arena in electrified red matter, reducing the number of areas you can safely stand in. Once the Khan has been blood punched six times, the level will end automatically - you will receive three weapon points and a final upgrade for the blood punch that allows two charges to be held simultaneously.


  • Accessories Not Included - Find a collectible toy
  • Inflight Devastation - Kill twelve demons while in mid-air
  • Angel of Death - Kill five Maykr drones with Precision Bolt headshots

Secret encounters[edit]

  1. After striking the punchable block in the second arena, get on top of it then climb into the wall opening above you and drop down to a gore nest. You will have 20 seconds to kill two zombies, two drones and a cyber-mancubus.
  2. From the second extra life, go to the end of the corridor to find another gore nest. You will have 25 seconds to kill a zombie, a spectre, a whiplash and a Doom hunter.

Special items[edit]

  • Three extra lives
    1. In the vent leading to the second arena, keep looking up for a hole in the ceiling. A 1UP is hidden in this hole.
    2. There are two arenas on the path leading to the control panel for the orange ring. After clearing the first arena, go back to the entrance and look right to see a cracked wall. A 1UP is found in the passage behind this wall.
    3. A 1UP is located at the bottom of the purple pool containing the transfigured Maykr.
  • One soulsphere
    1. In the arena at the entrance to the purple ring building.
  • Two Argent cells
    1. On the top floor of the fourth arena.
    2. In the Khan Maykr's arena.
  • Three Crucible charges
    1. After using the first flight ring, head anti-clockwise around the building in front of you and look up to see a Crucible charge in a wall opening.
    2. After going through the vent past the first arena, you will drop down to a climbable wall. A Crucible charge is hidden behind this wall and can be reached using the nearby monkey bar.
    3. On top of the second arena leading to the orange ring building.


  • Two Praetor suit points
    1. Opposite the control panel for the first celestial ring you will see a window. Turn right and go down the slope, then look left to see a ledge with some armor shards below it. Get on top of the ledge then jump and dash past the column next to you to reach a second ledge with a cracked wall; the Night Sentinel spirit is behind it.
    2. A Night Sentinel is by the elevator in the purple ring building.
  • Four Codex pages
    1. "Urdak" - turn left after going through the first door at the start to find the page.
    2. "Icon of Sin" - at the top of the platforming section after the first arena
    3. "Khan Maykr" - by the punch switch above the third arena
    4. "Maykr Angels" - after clearing the fourth arena, follow the path round to two more flight pads; ignore them for now and stay on the path until you reach some mecha zombies. The page is behind these zombies.
  • Three toys
    1. "Khan Maykr" - after the cutscene where you first see the celestial rings, go down the steps and look for a pole in front of you that has an orange light. If you walk backwards off the edge here then you will see a question mark in an opening under the platform.
    2. "Maykr Drone" - after clearing the fourth arena, follow the path round to two more flight pads; ignore them for now and stay on the path until you reach some mecha zombies. There is a stepped platform by the pads; climb up it then look back to the path you just followed to see a question mark on a platform.
    3. "Spectre" - after reaching the top of the orange ring building and going through a door to get outside, turn left and jump past a window to a platform on the other side of a pit. The question mark can be found here.
  • One cheat codes
    1. "Berserk" - after activating the control panel for the purple ring, go outside then turn right and walk down the steps to a flight pad. Turn round to look at the rock wall behind you and you will see that part of it is cracked; punch through this wall to find a question mark.
  • Two albums
    1. "QUAKE II - Descent into Cerberon" - from the "Icon of Sin" Codex page, look up to find an opening in the wall above. Enter this opening to find a cracked wall with a question mark behind it.
    2. "DOOM (2016) - Rip and Tear" - after entering the vent past the second arena, turn round; if you stand at the edge of the opening you can just see a question mark behind the column on your right.
  • Two mastery tokens
    1. After passing the first laser grid, turn round and look up to see a green switch hidden in the ceiling which you can shoot to lower a platform into the pit. Get on the platform before it rises again, then use the climbable wall above you to reach a vent leading to the token.
    2. After entering the vent past the second arena, follow it until you climb a green-lit platform then turn round to see a token above you.

Areas / screenshots[edit]


The concept design of the Maykr environment was created by Emerson Tung. According to him, he set out to determine what an entirely synthetic environment might look like, giving it the appearance of having been constructed through a process similar to 3D printing.

Urdak was called "Makyrland" until relatively late in the game's development, with even unused remnants of fully mastered voice acting referring to it as such.


  • There is a floating Khan Maykr-like body not long before the boss battle. Game director Hugo Martin has confirmed that this was the body of the previous Khan Maykr in a state of Transfiguration.[citation needed]
  • Near the floating body chamber there are translucent humanoid bodies wired to Maykr technology. Their purpose is unknown.
  • Urdak posesses many series of energy rings (activated by a button near a jumppad) which prolong the Slayer's flight.
  • The floating climbing wall movement puzzle returns in form of floating rectangular objects of unknown purpose.
  • According to Hugo Martin, the infamous line, "The longer the Icon of Sin is on Earth, the stronger he will become," was never meant to be repeated several times.[citation needed]
  • The celestial rings are the same three colors as the Demon Keys of Doom 64. These colors are also used throughout Urdak for lighting, as well as for the Khan Maykr's attacks.