*Probably on editing hiatus to finish his first level for Doom's 25th anniversary!*

A random contributor from somewhere in Asia.

I'm here because some walkthroughs told me to "walk into room X and pick up the red key" without mentioning that "when you pick up the red key, three traps open in the corners of the room, releasing three Hell knights in a confined space and mauling you."

Currently filling in detailed walkthroughs for PWADs. Each one of these can take far longer than completing the level.


In progress:

  • Finishing up my own first proper level in GZDoom Builder (the first one unnecessarily used UDMF and was a bunch of pretty good concepts unceremoniously crammed together. Not fit for release; will churn out something proper for Doom's 25th anniversary.)


  • DYST301 (Dystopia 3 add-on level, some assistance required)
  • Random single-map PWADs