While the antagonistic army in Doom is hellspawn, the bad guys in Chex Quest are known as flemoids. Flemoids are nasty light-green monsters composed of a sticky slime substance which came from another dimension. They come in different varieties as the hellspawn does in doom varying in strength and resistance to weapons. The basic idea for flemoids came from the fact that Chex Quests main goal was to provide a fun game while teaching children how important a good breakfast is for nutrition. Flemoids represent disease, junkfood and all unfavorable things that come with not heeding to proper nutrition. They are "Nutrition depriving monsters" as I put it. Flemoids are not harmed by the conventional weapons seen in Doom such as shotguns and chainsaws. In fact, they cannot be killed. Therefore, the only alternative is to send them somewhere else(Another Dimension). The fictional teleportation energy known in the game as Zorch Energy is a red plasma type substance that when calibrated with transporters, can send the flemoids back to their own dimension.