Walkthrough of California: The WAD, cuz y tf not

To-do list:

  • Difficulty differences on easy, medium and hard (I played and beat Holy Hell on ultra-violence with FDWL via the rewind feature, so the walkthrough will mostly be focused on the map in hard difficulty). 🚫 Not done.
  • Correct compassing, if I somehow goofed everything up. 🔜
  • Describing the number of enemies or items in any room (e.x. "contains cyberdemons" will turn into "contains 6 cyberdemons). 🚫 Not done.
  • Condensing of the walkthrough to make it readable. 🔜


Map of Holy Hell


Starting point

Go straight forward. You will be teleported into a large room containing two chaingunners and several towers containing imps. To the left and right of the spawn point are the super shotgun and BFG9000. If you fire any weapon in this room, zombiemen, sergeants and more chaingunners will be teleported into the level. Once you're done clearing off the enemies, go ahead and press the switch in the middle of the room.

When the switch is pressed, two new rooms will be revealed. The western room contains cyberdemons and a swarm of spectres, while the eastern room has a monolithic tower full of revenants. The western room also contains a switch, but don't press it yet. Go behind the revenant tower to alert a line of revenants. Dispatch them, and then press the switch. It will reveal another room behind the revenant tower.

In the next room is the entrance to a large fortress. Guarding the entrance are mancubi. If you fire any weapon here, multiple monsters will be teleported into two large spawn pads. To open the entrance to the fortress, go inside the northern room, and kill the spectres in it so that they don't get in your way. You'll need to dispatch several imps and revenants to reach a switch that opens the entrance to the fortress. Once you get rid of them, take the lifts up to the switch, flick it, and then make your way into the fortress.



Other Points of Interest[edit]

Starting point

When the first switch is pressed, an alcove containing goodies will be opened in the northeast corner of the room. It contains a rocket launcher, a plasma rifle, boxes of rockets, boxes of shells, boxes of bullets, two megaspheres and an invulnerability sphere.

On the middle of the revenant tower is a megasphere. It can be accessed with a lift seen in the tower's corners.

Behind the revenant tower are two soul spheres and two megaarmor.