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Doom RPG for java cellphones

There are actually two storys how the project started. One story told that john carmack was on holdiday (usa today), the other story is from his blog. [[1]] He got a new cellphone from his wife and discovered how bad java games on cellphone were at the time. So he started to work on a java title right away. The decision was made against free shooting, but to that time there were free shooting games available. Because the java performance was poor it was not possible to run fast paced through the levels, the decision was made for round based gameplay. In all id mobile games the controls work very good and adapt to the specific platform (RPG = java cellphones, extended controls = Nintendo DS, Railshooter = iOS). Another important factor in the RPG games is the humor. Funny talk through Help characters to the player, station members, email, machines. The gameplay core elements are simple shooting, roundbased fighting, roleplaying elements. The best description of the RPG titles would be "First-Person Action Tactical-Based Roleplaying Games".

"bards tale" / Dungeon Crawler-Feeling

John Carmack contacted the experienced game studio Jamdat about business opportunities in the mobile phone market. In 2005 Fountainhead Entertainment was commissioned to develop the Doom RPG demo to a full mobile game. Doom RPG needed only six months of development time to be finished, with the help of Fountainhead. Idea and part of the story, the game engine, compression of graphics, the demo version was done by Carmack. Fountainhead did the design, programing and sound.


Fountainhead was a independant studio, a group around Carmack´s wife Anna Kang, who produced Machinima Animation (videos through games) and documentation. Fountainhead produced numerous Machinima movies and developed machinima tools for filmmaking of Quake 3 and Doom 3. In 2002 they released the Quake 3 Total Conversion 'Sidrial', a short sci-fi singleplayer adventure with riddles.

In total five RPG titles were produced for higher java cellphones.

RPG titles on java cellphones DOOM RPG (2005) • Orcs & Elves (2006) // Orcs & Elves Nintendo DS (2007) • Orcs & Elves 2 (2007) • Wolfenstein RPG (2008) • DOOM 2 RPG (2009)