Freedoom v0.12 music credits.

Phase 1[edit]

Track Name Composer(s) Level Internal file name
untitled Ralph Vickers (Ralphis) C1M1: Outer Prison e1m1.mid
Look At Me I'm Underhalls Too Mark McGill-Smith (TheMisterCat) C1M2: Communications Center map02.mid
Mortal Jeremy Emerson (Vandalorian) C1M3: Waste Disposal MogulFreedoomMusic4.mid
Flood the City Kevin Martins (Velvetic) & Jonathan Martins (julnen) C1M4: Supply Depot -
sit on a bench 'n release that tensh'n Jazz Mickle (jmickle) C1M5: Main Control sit.mid
untitled Adam Kalmbach (jute) C1M6: Training Facility dave3d35.mid
Sewers Discoholic & Blastfrog C1M7: Transportation Bay sewersv2final.mid
On the Next Day Kevin Martins (Velvetic) C1M8: Outpost Quarry -
The Raging Sun Kevin Martins (Velvetic) & Jonathan Martins (julnen) C1M9: Armory -
untitled Adam Kalmbach (jute) C2M1: Ruins dave3d38.mid
Animal Skin Kevin Martins (Velvetic) & Jonathan Martins (julnen) C2M2: Power Plant -
Alone With Colors Kevin Martins (Velvetic) & Jonathan Martins (julnen) C2M3: Archaelogy Site -
Let 'em Burn Kevin Martins (Velvetic) C2M4: Sample Holding Site -
Music for Freedoom 1 Jeremy Emerson (Vandalorian) C2M5: Fortress 31 MogulFreedoomMusic1.mid
sit on a bench 'n release that tensh'n Jazz Mickle (jmickle) C2M6: Trepidation Site sit.mid
Music for Freedoom 3 Jeremy Emerson (Vandalorian) C2M7: Quarantine Vessel MogulFreedoomMusic3.mid
Pit Anthony Pierce (Ajanddino) C2M8: Containment Cell -
untitled Adam Kalmbach (jute) C2M9: Corruption of Man dave3d34.mid
Intrare In Infernum Lola Harvey (BlueWorrior) C3M1: Land of the Lost -
The Long Road Lola Harvey (BlueWorrior) C3M2: Infernal Caverns -
Wrought Havoc Lola Harvey (BlueWorrior) C3M3: Derelict Temple -
Cautious Progress Lola Harvey (BlueWorrior) C3M4: Sacrificial Bastion -
Scorned by Flesh Lola Harvey (BlueWorrior) C3M5: Oblation Temple -
Soul Banisher Lola Harvey (BlueWorrior) C3M6: Igneous Intrusion -
Ultamatum Infurnus Lola Harvey (BlueWorrior) C3M7: No Regrets -
The Zenith Lola Harvey (BlueWorrior) C3M8: Ancient Lair -
Lipstick Jeremy Emerson (Vandalorian) C3M9: Acquainted With Grief MogulFreedoomMusic6.mid
Fountain Dance Tyler P. (Picklehammer) Title screen ph-untitled.mid
I hate Fredrik Johansson Toby Collins Jr. (Tobester) Title screen (OPL) -
Music for Freedoom 10 Jeremy Emerson (Vandalorian) Intermission screen MogulFreedoomMusic10.mid
Ominous Theme Jared Blackburn (JaredBGreat) Victory screen -
Look At The Bunnies RestlessRodent Chapter 3 ending -

Phase 2[edit]

Track Name Composer(s) Level Internal file name
Not My First Rodeo... Lola Harvey (BlueWorrior) MAP01: Hydroelectric Plant -
Dark Underworld Lola Harvey (BlueWorrior) MAP02: Filtration Tunnels -
Demon Dance Discoholic MAP03: Crude Processing Center -
Soviet Porno Jeremy Emerson (Vandalorian) MAP04: Containment Bay MogulFreedoomMusic8.mid
Under Maintenance Lola Harvey (BlueWorrior) MAP05: Sludge Burrow -
Dark Trail Tyler P. (Picklehammer) MAP06: Gamma Labs ph-the_da.mid
Riders of Hell Tyler P. (Picklehammer) MAP07: Outer Storage Warehouse ph-shawn.mid
Syntax Error Lola Harvey (BlueWorrior) MAP08: Astronomy Complex -
Terrible Secrets Lola Harvey (BlueWorrior) MAP09: Datacenter -
Death's Embrace Tyler P. (Picklehammer) MAP10: Deadly Outlands ph-dead.mid
untitled Adam Kalmbach (jute) MAP11: Infinite Plain dave3d02.mid
untitled Bradley Lavigne (BobFromReboot) MAP12: Railroads Doom2Alt.mid
Fear Discoholic MAP13: Station Earth -
About The Summer Kevin Martins (Velvetic) & Jonathan Martins (julnen) MAP14: Nuclear Zone -
Backpack of Shells Lola Harvey (BlueWorrior) MAP15: Hostile Takeover -
Reflection Josef Griffiths (Moonflower) MAP16: Urban Jungle -
Mow Them Down! Lola Harvey (BlueWorrior) MAP17: City Capitol -
Realistic Approach Kevin Martins (Velvetic) MAP18: Aquatics Lab -
Deceit Julian Aubourg (Julian Hope) MAP19: Sewage Control -
untitled Adam Kalmbach (jute) MAP20: Blood Ember Fortress dave3d05.mid
Violence Culture Jeremy Emerson (Vandalorian) MAP21: Under Realm MogulFreedoomMusic5.mid
Mists Over the Mire Tyler P. (Picklehammer) MAP22: Remanasu ph-doom.mid
untitled Adam Kalmbach (jute) MAP23: Underground Facility dave3d09.mid
Balancing Act Andrew Bassett (AndrewB) MAP24: Tertiary Loading Bay -
I Sought Wisdom in the Chalice But There Was None Jeremy Emerson (Vandalorian) MAP25: Red Works MogulFreedoomMusic11.mid
Crawl Jeremy Emerson (Vandalorian) MAP26: Dark Depths MogulFreedoomMusic12.mid
Dreamcatcher (Black and Blue) Kevin Martins (Velvetic) & Jonathan Martins (julnen) MAP27: Warped Elementality -
Skull Underfoot Lola Harvey (BlueWorrior) MAP28: Grim Redoubt -
untitled Varis Alpha MAP29: Last Stand freedoom.mid
Paranoia Tyler P. (Picklehammer) MAP30: Jaws of Defeat ph-openin.mid
The Machine Lola Harvey (BlueWorrior) MAP31: Be Quiet -
Black Mountain Kevin Martins (Velvetic) & Jonathan Martins (julnen) MAP32: Not Sure -
Warpath Tyler P. (Picklehammer) Title screen ph-dm2ttl.mid
Burn the Bodies Tyler P. (Picklehammer) Intermission screen ph-dm2int.mid
untitled Adam Kalmbach (jute) Text screen dave3d07.mid


Track Name Composer(s) Level Internal file name
Zero Fort Ralph Vickers (Ralphis) DM01: Tech Test crudreams2.mid
Untitled Jam Ralph Vickers (Ralphis) DM02: Natural Station crudreams3.mid
Music for Freedoom 2 Jeremy Emerson (Vandalorian) DM03: Issues of Claveria MogulFreedoomMusic2.mid
Rush Kevin Martins (Velvetic) & Simone Alauk DM04: Steel -
untitled Ralph Vickers (Ralphis) DM05: Dense Fields map01.mid
The Heroic Battle Tyler P. (Picklehammer) DM06: Temple of Ammon ph-countd.mid
untitled Adam Kalmbach (jute) DM07: Main Stronghold dave3d30.mid
untitled Adam Kalmbach (jute) DM08: Artifact Base Dave3d13.mid
Method to My Madness Matías Roldán (jupiter_ex) DM09: Industrial Outland freedoom2.mid
untitled Bradley Lavigne (BobFromReboot) DM10: Detached Grounds Doom1.mid
Spamhambled in Space Mark McGill-Smith (TheMisterCat) DM11: Isolated Facility map01.mid
untitled Adam Kalmbach (jute) DM12: Up 'n Down Canyon dave3d24.mid
untitled Ralph Vickers (Ralphis) DM13: Unholy Blood e1m1.mid
Munt Battle Mark McGill-Smith (TheMisterCat) DM14: Technical Assault -
Neat Ralph Vickers (Ralphis) DM15: Shallow Complex -
untitled Adam Kalmbach (jute) DM16: Barren Alleys dave3d02.mid
Surrounded Panic Vincent Fong (Vicious) DM17: Underwoods d_stlks3.mid
untitled Adam Kalmbach (jute) DM18: Deserted Courtyard dave3d06.mid
untitled Adam Kalmbach (jute) DM19: Tech Isle dave3d27.mid
untitled Adam Kalmbach (jute) DM20: Warehouse dave3d16.mid
untitled Adam Kalmbach (jute) DM21: Refinary dave3d12.mid
Red Foot Kevin Martins (Velvetic) & Simone Alauk DM22: Fourplay -
untitled Adam Kalmbach (jute) DM23: Confrontation dave3d17.mid
Constructive Criticism Matías Roldán (jupiter_ex) DM24: Flooded Base freedoom3.mid
untitled Adam Kalmbach (jute) DM25: Mansion Yard dave3d20.mid
untitled Adam Kalmbach (jute) DM26: Acidic Crypt dave3d09.mid
Music for Freedoom 7 Jeremy Emerson (Vandalorian) DM27: The Exile MogulFreedoomMusic7.mid
Bobby Sent Me Ralph Vickers (Ralphis) DM28: Weapons Factory ctf2.mid
SevenFour Ralph Vickers (Ralphis) DM29: Unusual Territory crudreams.mid
untitled Adam Kalmbach (jute) DM30: Last Man Standing dave3d01.mid
The Syntax of Time Kevin Martins (Velvetic) DM31: Desolated Fort -
Munt Battle Mark McGill-Smith (TheMisterCat) DM32: Chocolate -
Warpath Tyler P. (Picklehammer) Title screen ph-dm2ttl.mid
Burn the Bodies Tyler P. (Picklehammer) Intermission screen ph-dm2int.mid
untitled Adam Kalmbach (jute) Text screen dave3d07.mid