My name is Carlos Hoyos. I was an active Doom modmaker when I was 14 but didn't have an Internet connection. As a result, my maps and tricks were developed in a vacuum from the rest of the Doom Community.

Most of my works were lost, and nowadays I only conserve the works I published long time ago on a spanish magazine called PcManía. These are:

  • A set of 2 Deathmatch levels that I designed after reading an article on said magazine about capture the flag. I found the mechanic was rather boring and stupid, so I toyed with other ideas for competition mode. It happens that almost nobody in Spain had an Internet connection at that time, so these level were creative but useless.
  • A guide I wrote on 1998 about editing tricks, featuring some cool tricks like Deep water and the Monsters fleeing bug. There was going to be a second guide, but all the work was lost. It doesn't matter, because all the effects that were going to appear on the second guide were discovered later by other authors, though I don't know if the implementation is the same.
  • A joke level I did to show some weird engine bugs. I have a list of the bugs I included, but I no longer know why they appear.
  • A level I did based on The Phantom of the Opera. It is my second favourite level I have ever made, but the only one that remains. There are maybe too few monsters for most WAD's standards, but it doesn't make it easy. If you liked any of my other levels, you will probably enjoy this.

I'm spanish and, while I try to write in proper english, sometimes I make mistakes. If you think I made one, please fix it for me.