Useless info about me[edit]

  • I am male.
  • I am American.
  • I am Texan.
  • I am a christian(I know, a christian doomer? Trippy, eh?).
  • I am an anarchist(but like everthing, I'm lazy about it).
  • My favorite color is red(likely from playing doom from the age of 2).
  • I have WAY too much time on my hands.

My current additions to this wiki[edit]

  • Posted some research about the insanity that ensues when you strafe and turn at same time.
  • Added some more info about the differences between PC Doom and GBA Doom(I own Gba Doom and play it non-stop).

Games I play[edit]

  • Doom(no duh)
  • FF1(mainly Dawn of Souls)
  • Metroid 1(mainly GBA remake of NES version)
  • Metroid prime 2
  • Some Legend of Zelda games
  • Shinobi 3(Genesis)
  • Coffee Quest series(fun little FPRPGs)
  • Rogue(The first roguelike!)
  • Runescape(rarely)
  • Dragonfable(rarely)