Hi there,

I'm Chris, born in 1986 and living in Germany. I studied computer sciences with a focus an modern media in 2010/2011 (without a degree) and I'm still interested in such topics.

The first contact with Doom and Heretic was in 1998 (even if almost any first person shooters back then were indexed in Germany). Some WADs that inspired me to create my own maps around 2000/2001 were Obituary by The Innocent Crew and WolfenDOOM by Laz Rojas, luckily all my maps are lost in time (many of them were sewer-based levels).

As for today I'm still into Doom (its endless amount of custom WADs and many clones) and MIDI music.

If there are any questions about me, my edits or the (weird legal) situation about our favorite games in Germany, feel free to ask me.