Hi, I'm ConSiGno in the Doom community. I am that chump that ported The The Eternity Engine to Windows 9x and designed DMXOPL. I also helped to port ZDoom, The Eternity Engine, Doom Retro, and Odamex to the Raspberry Pi.

I'm most known for reviewing "Deus Vult Zero", a PWAD that shouldn't exist. I still do /newstuff reviews when I get the chance. My recent claim to Doom fame was discovering and identifying the toy gun used to create the BFG 9000 and various textures.

I am a strong advocate for a chronicle of Doom community history, including drama, teams, and notable community members. Most of my edits will be filling in information on modder teams. I will not do Skulltag clans. A few notable ones I care about (Jetsons, vd-plas, UniDoom, Team BTSX, Team Future, etc)...

I am a contributor to The Eternity Engine project as well as Back to Saturn X, Odamex, Doom Retro, Chocolate Doom, and ZDoom. I am currently working on an improved GENMIDI for Freedoom, and an OPL3 resequencing project for the original Registered Doom. My current wiki project is the "Top 100 Wads" series, and Doom bestiary.

I may or may not be involved with a certain Twitter account. If you ever find yourself on there, try harder next time. I'm not the only one that operates the account, so don't complain to me about it.

I can usually be found on OFTC with the other nerds (and an angry raincloud).

Feel free to edit my sandbox pages!

Things you can do to help me out[edit]

  • I'm interested in the history of Doom pre-Doomworld, so BBSes, mid 90s websites, PWADs, and obscure TCs deserve articles, as they shaped the Doom community of that time.
  • PWADs that were namedropped by id Software themselves, such as HAPPY.WAD
  • PWADs that were namedropped by the Doom FAQ, including A Fistful of Doom
  • PWADs that were namedropped by 90s gaming mags, such as the military training WAD