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"DOOM is not a game this is black disk with something eggs on pictures. Doomers ball shit snakes."
― Username

Ball shit snakes is an ancient Doomworld Forums Internet meme created by the user Username on January 30th, 2001. With the subject line "Dear (died) Are you pooking?", Username threatened the community's intellect with terrible, drunken English, and an unhealthy obsession with balls.

 What do you thinking if something close this stupid site, 
 It was big mistake that i regestered on this ball site. 
 All web masters have done good job (about design) And what are you all people doing on that site, ofcourse BALL sITe. 
 DOOM is not a game this is black disk with something eggs on pictures.
 Doomers ball shit snakes.

While this meme did not reach as far as others, it is a sort of "oldbie" phrase, and will be brought up occasionally among older doomers on IRC and the forums.


Many on the forums and elsewhere have attempted to parse this text, and given that the email address used to register Username was a account, said user would have had to pay a hefty price ($25.00-$30.00 per month at the time) to keep his email account. Whether that be out of ignorance or that the person used his parent's email address to sign up for Doomworld Forums, we shall never know.

"Ball" may have meant "bollocks", but this is merely speculation.

As for the "black disk", it was postulated that Username had a Final Doom CD, or The Ultimate Doom CD.


  • Urban Dictionary has a reference to this meme in its definition of Doomer.
  • Doomer on Wikipedia was nothing but a reference to this meme, and stayed there until it was deleted on July 31, 2004.

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