I am DOOMED91 on the ZDaemon Server Luancher. I also use these other player names for ZD as well:

NX-08, NCC-1806, NCC-74217, NCC-83910------Star Trek Names

Gabriel-1, Peridot---------------------------------------Ace Combat Names

Jetblast------------------------------------------------------Transformer Name

[UFP]NX-08, [UFP]NCC-1806, [UFP]NCC-74217, [UFP]NCC-83910--Clan Names

NOTE: My Star Trek names and clan names will be deleted soon due to copyright laws. So I shall be playing as DOOMED91 for now until they are either deleted or I contact CBS Paramount. DOOMED91 17:40, 28 October 2008 (UTC)

Fan Created Story[edit]

I do not know if ID allows fanon for DOOM but seeing as how many fans created their own versions of DOOM through WADS I have a plan to feature a different side of the DOOM storyline. I will add it here on my user page once I have full confience that Id allows fanon stories or fanon content.

Please see my other user page for more info on me. See Rift Fleet on the Memory Gamma wiki.