I happened to be passing by this way and thought I would leave a note, on the off chance that anyone might wonder "whatever happened to Draconio", to say that I'm still alive and well, and still drift about the Doom community from time to time (albeit not quite as actively). It's merely that I abandoned this particular screen name some time ago for reasons not pertaining to the Doom community.


Born in 1983, currently living in Massachusetts, USA. A relative latecomer to the scene, I began playing Doom and Heretic in about 1999.

Source ports of choice:

Editors of choice:

(The above related to when I was using Windows. Yadex for Doom and Heretic, or WadAuthor under WINE for Hexen are the best map editors I've got working under *NIX type OSes, while DeuTex works for my .wad compiling needs.)


Nothing current under this name.

Released Stuff[edit]