Hi, I'm Eris and I play Doom, sometimes.

My main contributions[edit]

  • The ZDCMP2 article and its walkthrough
  • Each 32in24 WAD now has its own article.
  • Various WAD overview pages and person articles.
    • Are YOU a notable mapper already listed in Category:Mappers? These pages can be difficult to maintain when the subject is still active, so if you see stuff missing from your article, go ahead and update it!


My activity here is somewhat limited, this list may never be empty :( Help is always appreciated here!

Red links suck, so my focus tends to hover around Special:WantedPages, particularly WADs and people in the Doom community.

  • Cacowards (and the preceding Top 100) are like symbols of notability, so red links surrounding these are probably my main priority.
  • 32in24 map articles
    • Only about 600 of these!
      • I tried out a format for multiplayer map articles on 32 in 24. If I ever finish those, the cacoward-winning sessions probably go next.
    • Other multiplayer WADs probably deserve their own map articles too.

--Eris Falling (talk) 09:37, 4 November 2017 (CDT)