Russian Overkill is a gameplay mod for ZDoom, created by Pillowblaster in 2011. As of 29 June, 2015, the current version is 2.4. The mod replaces the player's arsenal with a wide variety of ludicrously powerful weapons, ranging from automatic shotguns with ten barrels to dark matter cannons. In order to rectify the sheer imbalance of gameplay brought about by the weapons, the mod also defines a new set of skill levels, that primarily affect monster health. Players can also choose to play as one of three characters, who differ in their appearance, starting weapons, and special combo attacks. In 2012, an expansion pack was released, entitled Reinforcements from Moldova. It featured fourteen new weapons and a new item, all of which were later integrated into the main mod. Together, Russian Overkill and its expansion won Best Gameplay Mod at the 19th Annual Cacowards.


Skill levels[edit]

Russian Overkill has eight skill levels, all of which feature the same thing placement as Ultra-Violence unless stated otherwise.

Communism Powerful Force
Player is invulnerable and ammo pick-ups give 100 times their usual amount.
Vodka Overdose
Identical to Ultra-violence.
Drinking with Comrades
Monsters have three times their usual health.
A Struggle for Freedom
Monsters have six times their usual health.
Red Oktoberfest
Monsters have nine times their usual health. This could be considered the most balanced setting.
Stalin is After You
Uses thing placement of Nightmare, though this rarely differs from Ultra-violence. Monsters have ten times their usual health, and have no pain state. Additionally, fast monsters are enabled, player takes 125% damage, armour pickups give only half their usual amount, and most power-ups are replaced with health bonuses.
Drunk mode
Uses thing placement of Nightmare.