Well, uh... I suppose I should get started on this...

Playing Video Games[edit]

As of August 04, 2006, I've been playing:

  • The Ultimate Doom - Usually I play on Hey, Not Too Rough just to kill time. Just a few days ago, I completed my first two Ultra-Violence completions of Knee-Deep in the Dead and The Shores of Hell.
  • Doom II - First off, it's not "Doom ][", it's Doom II. I hate when I see that on webpages... anyway. I beat Doom II for the first time on the Game Boy Advance version of it, then I beat it a second time on the PC version. Now, I usually just do the first few levels to kill time.
  • Final Doom - TNT - I've beat this once on I'm Too Young To Die (shuddup) and now I'm doing a Hey, Not Too Rough run, which I am currently on Level 32.
  • Final Doom - Plutonia - I've also beat this once on I'm Too Young To Die... which is go enough for me right now. After the TNT run, I'm gonna attempt a Hey, Not To Rough run.

I play all of these on ZDoom now, I used to play them on Doom95. But after seeing what I was missing out on, I switched over.

  • Final Fantasy Tactics Advance - In my spare time, I take a crack at FFTA. I've restarted it over 10 times, each time I found out something I could improve on. The first few runs I sucked horribly, now I have a good feeling I will have a strong team.
  • Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas - While I've already beaten this once, I'm doing it again just for the hellofit. I put it aside after I got FFTA and, last time I checked, I was 62.57% done with it.

List of WADs I'm Working On And Willing To Admit To Making[edit]

All of these are WAD I am working on, and none of the Single-Level or Multi-Level WADs are Deathmatch compatable, because no one would use them for Deathmatch.

BERSERK - This is a Single-Level WAD that focuses on completing the level using only a Berserk Fist.

UD-E1-HERESYII - Heresy is, I guess, a total conversion WAD for the first Episode of Ultimate Doom. It's look is loosely based on the levels that each WAD level replaces. I think it looks good so far, and I may just release it to the public when it is done. The original Heresy was a poorly put together WAD that... was just horrible looking, so for now, the WAD file is named HERESYII. Also, there is a bug in E1M4, that causes Doom95 to crash on me. It works fine with ZDoom, though I think there is a slight hiccup where the bug would usually occur. If anyone is an expert on WAD errors, leave me a message and I'll send you the WAD.

UD-E2-IMMUNITY - Like Heresy, Immunity is a TC WAD for the second Episode of Ultimate Doom. It's been put on hold since Christmas of '05 as I work on Heresy.

TRIALSI - TRIALSI is a Single-Level WAD for Doom II that puts the player up against every enemy in increasing difficulty. Starting with a Former Human, and ending with a poorly put together Icon of Sin (all there is is the ZZZFACE4 texture). It replaces MAP05.

TRIALSII - TRIALSII is a Multi-Level WAD for Doom II that puts the player up against enemies of increasing difficulty. The difference this time is that you only fight one monster per level, which would span over a lot of levels, but not necessarily all of them. A fun Trivia fact is that the player will always start from (0,0). It replaces MAP01 and beyond, a single level for every type of Doom II monster.

TRIALSIII - TRIALSIII is a Single-Level WAD for Doom II that yadda-yadda-yadda. The change this time is that each enemy is in a single room, and I actually remember Commander Keen this time. In the end, you face off against the Icon of Sin, which you can either fire at from the tallest platform, or run behind the "Icon" and teleport inside where you can fire point-blank at Romero's head. It replaces MAP04.

TESTFAC (Testing Facility) - My first ever WAD was TESTFAC, and the storyline for it is that the UAC has captured every monster in the Doom world and they are available for observation, along with a ton of weapons and ammo pickups to get full ammo. This level exploits the fact that monsters wedged between the ceiling and floor at the time the level starts cannot move. However, this leads to every single monster making their "chasing" noise constantly throughtout the duration of the level. And on Nightmare!, every one of them will attack you at the same time. It replaces MAP01.

TESTFAC2 - The "upgrade" to TESTFAC is TESTFAC2. This time monsters are sorted according to their strength in groups. Also, it implements uses for each key and ends with a Sector Effect 11 sector. It still exploits the key fact from the first TESTFAC, so in Nightmare! you still will be bombarded with attacks. At the end of the level, you enter an "underground" (I put it in quotes because you are technically higher than you were when you started) area where the Cyberdemon, Spider Mastermind, and Icon of Sin are free, but there are enclosed well enough so that neither can attack you, though they can see you. This is where all of the weapons, ammo, and pickups are held. In my first make of Heresy, the secret level (E1M9) is meant to look like what TESTFAC2 was before UAC moved in and cleared it out. Also, though I mean it to be a Single-Level WAD, there is a small edit to MAP02, where you recieve a health boost to make up for the horrible exit. On easy, there's a Megasphere. On medium, a Soulsphere. And on Hard, there are two Medkits.

TESTFAC3 - Lost somehow, though there is a 4 and 5.

TESTFAC4 - This is the fourth installment of the TESTFAC series. This time, it looks more like a facility, and now each monster is kept in cages and is enclosed in a 0 height sector, exactly like how the Arachnotrons are kept in Pharaoh. At the end, there is the opporotunity to engage a "Hard Mode" of the entire level again where all of the ceilings are raised, which allows each monster to attack you. At the end, you ride up a lift and go through a corridor. You open a door and walk into the MAP02 start area, where the level ends. The weapons this time are in a secret area in the Items room.

TESTFAC5 - The fifth, and last, installment of the TESTFAC series. This one allows the player to observe each monster through a 0 height sector wall. This allows each monster to hear you, but not be able to attack you. As of right now, it has also been put off until later. Later I hope to incorperate another "Hard Mode" where each monster escapes and you have to kill them all.

PLU30-2 and TNT30-2 - Both are replacements for MAP30 of each game. You start in a room that contains 4 backpacks, a rocket launcher, some boxes of rockets, and a few Commander Keens. Then, after observing cleverly put together slimefalls, you teleport into a pit, which will raise after pushing on the north wall. At the top you meet an Archvile and some enemies that are specific to the difficulty level. Then you continue up the stairs and meet more enemies, and you can observe the incredibly cheesy "super ammo" that you get. It's basically two ammo pickups on top of each other in a Sector Effect 8 sector. Then, lower the wall in front of you to encounter the Icon of Sin. This time, it spawns two monsters at once with can teleport to the spot where you will eventually attack him from. However, you can't do it at first because there is an invisible ceiling infront of the Icon of Sin that prevents rockets from getting through. After you go through a slime corridor (HINT: Walk through the visible arrow), the ceiling is raised and you can attack and kill the Icon of Sin. As the difficulty rises, the amount of resistance is increased dramatically.

UD28-3 - This level replaces E2M8 with the level design of E3M8. Essentially, you are fighting the Cyberdemon in the Spider Masterminds lair.

UD38-2 - This level is the opposite of UD28-3. You fight the Spider Mastermind in the Cyberdemons lair.

As A Wiki Editor[edit]

Usually I just read all of the Wikipedia/(Random Theme) Wikis but occasionally I may edit somethings. Nothing big though.

Ex-GameFAQs User[edit]

I once was a GameFAQer, but I came to terms with myself about how much time I waste on GameFAQs and I decided to quit.

As of now, I am being verbally harassed by the members of Snakes on a Plane, even after I closed my account. Most of them think they ran me out, when they really didn't.

Complete List of Video Games[edit]