A little info[edit]

I Started actually playing Doom around a year or so ago when it was rereleased on Xbox 360. The reason I was interested in it was thanks to a mod called Sonic Robo Blast 2. Over in the SRB2 community I somehow caused something called "Glaber Syndrome". If you shearch thier wiki don't bother, they don't have an article.

How did I get interested in making levels?[edit]

It all started back before Power Rangers and SatAM with a game called Load Runner. the Game had a level creator and I was hooked. If I could access my levels I could show you one but I have no way to do so now. Any way after a bit I got my second taste of custom levels when sometime in the 1990's I was Playing Sim City for PC. It wasn't real Level making, just a sandbox game, but it served its purpose.

Levels and/or Level packs I'm making/plan on making[edit]

Doom 2[edit]

Glaber Base 5 (CC4)[edit]

No info at this time

Doom The Lost Levels[edit]

As you should know by now the alpha, betas, press release, and tech demo were officially released. This Doom "mega wad" will attempt to recreate the beta levels as best as possible as well as construct a new level based on the scraps of unfinished levels that were thrown out, and bring in several levels from the concel ports. The music I plan on using comes from John Romero's varry own Blog[1] as the music files were basicly from the same time period of the Doom Alphas.

Planned levels are:

  • Map01 Beta Entryway (Map dropped from the final game)
  • Map02 Power Station (Early E1M2 currently being worked on.)
  • Map03 Devoid (Was Said to be devoid of real "levelness" and was dropped from the final game as a result. I figured the name was appropriate, may change map number later.)
  • Map04 Undecided (no that not the name. I really haven't decided)
  • MapX Agamal (an amalgamation of really unfinished levels including the title screen map(s) from the alphas. may include original bits thrown in to build up the level.)

Current progress

  • 2/23/08

Beta Entryway is structurally complete; the only enemy populating the map are Imps; The pistol and fist have been replaced with the beta gun and the Bayonet; the sprites for the keys have been half way reverted to their alpha sprites; the Blue armor, ammo box, the health pack, and the shotgun shells sprites have been reverted to alpha sprites; a way to get outside was added as my first ever secret (Yellow key required at this point); Map 2 power station started by attempting to edit Shareware E1m2 into the Alpha counterpart; screenshots available upon request on talk page.

  • 2/26/08

The machine gun sprites were changed.

  • 2/27/08

Height adjustments were made to the alpha gun sprites, the textures for alpha e1m2 was adjusted to get rid of the HOM in openGL

  • 3/8/08

I decided to release my first custom Doom Map, Castletania, with the alpha gun known as a minigun to replace the chaingun.

  • 3/20/08

Work on the map "DEVOID" has begun.

  • 5/24/08

Project renamed to Lost Levels

  • 5/31/08

Updated the info of the project on my SRB2 wiki page