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Doom in spanish[edit]

What? Did you read doom in spanish? Yes, that's right... I made a patch so you can play Ultimate Doom and Doom II in spanish. I made the patch with ZDoom, so it is compatible with Skulltag and (I'm not sure, but maybe) any port that's Boom-compatible.

Ah, that's right, I forgot the link... click here. (if the link doesn't work, click here.)

If you encounter any problems using it, or you see that is there anything untranslated, please send an e-mail (you'll find my e-mail when you play with the patch, but PLEASE do not spam me...) or tell me detailing all the problems you've encountered. (It's WAAAAYYY too possible, 'cause it's just Version 1.0).


  • Please, DON'T use this patch with The Plutonia Experiment or TNT: Evilution. It is not compatible with them. (You can use it anyways, but will not behave as expected...)
  • Don't try to use this patch with Vanilla Doom, 'cause it's just not compatible. (Saddly... I like vanilla more than source ports, but whatever.)
  • I tested the patch with ZDoom and Skulltag and it works fine. If you have neither of them, you can download them here and here respectively (I recommend ZDoom the most, 'cause it has closer feel to Vanilla, but whatever.)

Thanks... any credit for translating goes for Daian Schvind and me. Enjoy =)