Hi! I am a four-letter word that enjoys documenting glitches of all kinds for the wiki and learning about the quirks of the Doom engine. I am always on the lookout for anomalies to learn from. Simple but deceptively nuanced games like Doom do it for me.

It started for me in 2012, picking up Zandronum and playing various co-op mods. I decided to learn speedrunning in 2022, completing a NoMo record sweep of Ancient Aliens to submit to the Doom Speed Demo Archive. I have strongly preferred staying close to the original engine ever since. My source port of choice is DSDA-Doom.

I taught myself programming to reverse engineer all kinds of video games. I have created my own tools to find mapping errors automatically, aiming for complete engine accuracy, as this greatly helps with finding problems within certain obscure categories, such as things snapping up. This makes it possible to find bugs in modes that no one in their right mind plays, like medium difficulty co-op. These tools are not currently released, though they are similar to those found in map editors like Eureka and UDB.

No playable content has ever been produced by me, though I have been included in the tester credits of a few mods: