My custom sprites for doom. I've was wanting to put my self as the main character in doom. i have three different sets of sprites. 1 is rex sprites, another dragon sprites, and third barney sprites. what i mean is i have a rex costume, a barney costume, and a dragon costume. i took my hands and placed them in doom so you'll see the, blue, green or, purple color of the arms holding the weapons. I'm asking some one to please help me make these sprites all into one wad file for doom 1 and 2 and have it to were I start out with hall the weapons in my dragon costume, then hit a button and i change into my rex costume with the same amount of guns i started with, then press the same button again and turn into barney with the same amount of weapons. a script will need to be made in order for that to work so if some is willing to take the tim in editing it would help me with my sprties. thanks to who ever can help.