Hello and welcome to you![edit]

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My real name is Jean-Yves Delpech, but I'm mostly known to be Jive, webmaster of Doom Legacy Wads (aka DLW), particulary dedicated to Doom Legacy, and of Jive's Pinball Mods (aka JPM), dedicated to my modding activity on Visual Pinball tables.
I am also the principal administrator of a french forum dedicated to classical guitare

I live at Manaus (Amazonia).
Divorced since 1998, remarried since august 2005 with an amazonian lady, 2 children (Thomas, 20, student in a high school, and Maïté (22), I was living alone in my house with my 2 dogs (Theo, the Boxer, 2 years old, and Lucky, the Kern-Terrier, 7), 3 cats and... a bunch of Guppies in the aquarium (LOL), but I leave now near the amazonian forest!!!.
I was Dentist, but I was declared on permanent incapacity on 2000, cause of an uncurable cancer of the lymphatic system (thus, they know how to keep me alive)
Apart Doom and Pinball, I enjoy also Rally and F1 games, Internet, Chess, classical guitar, spirituality, esoterism, astrology, numerology,... That's all for today!