Hello everybody, I am Jake Crusher (LeD is now defunct Russian Doom clan, a part of which I was for some time... it is short for "Lords of Doom". Why "LeD" instead if "LoD"? I dunno, really :D), known also as Michael Spivakov. I am one of Russian Doom Community participants, from the Doom Power Forum and Doom Power website as well. While not a map designer/game modder, still, I think that one of my strong points is... how you say... creativity? Yeah, I think that's the word. Besides that, I helped friends of mine from Doom Power with releasing some wads on Doomworld, and sometimes helped them with translating from Russian to English and vice-versa (nevertheless, I know I have a loooooot to learn). Additionally, sometimes I can write a lot of text, and the good example of that is Enter the Doom Chapter I: Lucido Attack page. Sorry for that :P.

Doom Power[edit]

I can't remember, when I registered there... but I think it was somewhere in 2000-2001, if my memory serves me well. One of my acquaintances told me about that website, just like one of my friends (who is also a Doom fan, map designer for Doom, and an excellent friend, known as DrDoom), and after some time, I was there; then it was known as Some time later, website has changed it's hoster, and became Then, some more time later, it becase what is known now,

Also, I am one of DP forum's global moderators.

DooM Kreators[edit]

Being a freelancer, still, I'm working with DK team to help them make a new installment of Enter the Doom series, and helped these guys to give to all of those doomers, who don't speak Russian, an English version of Enter the Doom Chapter I, and I hope that the next games in the series will also have more attention from Westerners to them, as I plan to localize them into English as well (and I hope you will help me in this process:)).


I didn't give many contributions to DoomWiki, I admit that, but I hope that somewhere, in the near future, I'll be able to help as I can. I'm also a big fan of console games (to be honest, it was PS1 Doom that made me a strong Doom fan). I even remember working with the fellows from the Russian website, dedicated to the consoles' emulation, known as, and was one of authors contributing game articles to their fanzine, Re-Player. Altough now I am no longer with them anymore...