I like Doom. It's my favorite game.

I like my source ports to be accurate.

I use GZDoom for customization and Chocolate Doom / PrBoom+ for accuracy.

I like the glitches in Doom, except for the awful sound code.

Favorites: Related to Doom[edit]

Favorite IWAD: TNT

Favorite PWAD: Kummeli SFX for Doom

Favorite port: GZDoom

Favorite boomstick: LAZ device

Favorite enemy: The Imp

Favorites: Not Related to Doom[edit]

Favorite game other than Doom: Undertale (Kind of the opposite of Doom.)

Favorite country: My homeland, Finland

Favorite operating system: Linux/Ubuntu

Favorite YouTuber: Jonas Tyroller

Favorite SCP: 3008-1

Favorite fast food: McDonald's