Hello, this is my PDA. I am a user on the Doom Online Dictionary, I love Doom very much! Any questions? Ask me, i'll help.

  • Name: Mega Sean 45
  • Rank: Online Dictionary Editor
  • IQ Number: 12345-67890
  • Post: Delta Labs Sector 1
  • Security Clearance: General Access

Primary Objective[edit]

  • Make edits on this online dictionary and make sure it's ok.

Secendary Objectives[edit]


  • Create all the Doom 3 location pages. (Complete)
  • Create more information in the walkthrough. (Complete)
  • Create more information in the Resurrection of Evil walkabout. (Complete)



This is the audiolog of Mega Sean 45. Date is: April 12, 2009. I didn't know why not much locations were seen on this website. But people forget stuff sometimes. I'm okay with it. Later on, I am going to make more information for the levels. Well maybe later, though. If anyone gets this log, maybe they can see my machinima on youtube. Marine's Mind. It's when the Player goes and talks while he plays. Go on for all my vids. I hope you guys like them. End of log.

Looking for admins[edit]

This is the audiolog of Mega Sean 45. Date is: April 16, 2009. What if I need some help on this website? What if I need advice? I can't find an admin, anywhere. If anyone gets this, be sure to email me on my email page. I hope to get one soon. End of log.

No Sound?[edit]

This is the audiolog of Mega Sean 45. Date is: October 23, 2009. I have no sound for Doom 3. I dunno why, but after I got Windows Vista, I just got now sound to re-create, Marine's Mind. If anyone knows, please let me know. Whoever does, I put an Energy Sword in Locker #002, I had the code to: 945. This Energy Sword is really like a lightsaber. Covenant Elites usually have them. This will really come in handy, I have one for myself, and I wanted to give my spare away if someone helps me, and it is a success! End of log.

Creation Pages[edit]