Major Information[edit]

  • Real Name: Timothy(TIM) Jon José Stoker
  • Location: Hampton Park, Victoria, Australia
  • Hometown: Clayton, Victoria, Australia
  • Birthday: January 6th, 1988
  • Occupation: Between Jobs

Physical Statistics[edit]

  • Height: 6'6"/198cm
  • Weight: 255.2lbs/116kgs
  • Eyes: Dark Brown - Green
  • Hair: Long Dark Brown (Almost Black)

About Him[edit]

Just a little to get the ball rolling.

He is a self-proclaimed creature of the night, not the whole unholy ceremony thing, just a person who works and functions better the later or earlier, depending on your viewpoint, a night progresses. He doesn't think there has been a night in the past 8 years that he has not seen 2:30 A.M. on the clock before going to sleep. He enjoys pulling all nighters just for the hell of it, and besides periods of about eight days every six or nine months, he can think of nothing better than being awake, you know what they say; "No rest for the wicked", a phrase originating from the Book of Isaiah verses 48:22 and 57:20-21 (not that he is a religious person at all).

He loves thinking about and discussing everything under the sun to great depths. He can think of nothing more fulfilling than having great long and interesting conversations about anything you can think of! He thinks of himself as highly cynical about most things. He likes to think of himself as counterculture. He would define his religious beliefs as Devout Polytheological Agnosticism

Personal Profile[edit]

  • Interests: DooM (in all its permutations), Star Trek, Babylon 5, The World Wrestling Federation (more particularly, The Undertaker), Anime, $$$$$$$, darkness, the Gothic world, fine wine, good food, matters of the soul, SCIENCE FICTION & nostalgia.
  • Disinterests: Music (RAP, HIP HOP, Modern R&B), The John Howard Government. Incompetence, foolishness, naivety, hatred, exploitation, malevolence, People unworthy of their status.

DooM Records[edit]

The following will document my own personal records and moments from playing DooM over the past 12 years.
Some of the following might seem like a long completion time, but I don't exactly "Speedrun" levels, I try and enjoy them.


E2M8: Tower of Babel:
FIRST: 26:43
SECOND: 14:21

Ultimate Doom[edit]

To be compiled.

The Plutonia Experiment[edit]

MAP32: Go 2 It':
FIRST: 2:45:43 (Had no idea what to expect from this one first time out, the amount of Cyberdemons & Arch-Viles threw me right off. The entire scope of the level left me in awe).
SECOND: 46:34 (Took it easy this time round and just tried to get as much out of this level as possible. The Spider Mastermind did most of the courtyard work for me anyway.)

TNT: Evilution[edit]

MAP30: Last Call':
FIRST: 42:26 (Passing the Revenants and the Arachnotrons proved to be a real pain, my computer was lagging bad because of Risen3d.)
SECOND: 21:09 (The Romero's head proved to take 6 minutes to destroy because of other monsters spawning below my shot line)
THIRD: 11:08 (The easier of my three successful attempts, I took :45 to dispose of the Cyberdemon using two direct, close range BFG9K hits.)


Alien Vendetta[edit]

Community Chest 3[edit]

MAP16: Hangman's Noose:
FIRST: 42:34

(This level was amongst the most complex I have dealt with in my Doom career.
Penetrating the twisting walkways and (at times) oddly shaped caverns with multi-tiered platforms proved interesting).
Isolating the four red switches was slightly annoying as I did (on occasion) tend to forget their locations).
Lovely Easter Egg near the final room by the map designer. Using the backdrop to spell out his name (Phobus) with different shaped and aligned pieces of terrain.


Hell Revealed[edit]

Hell Revealed II[edit]

MAP26: DIS 2000::
FIRST: 1:34:23

(This level just blew me away, it is probably one of the finer level Remakes I have ever had he pleasure of playing.
The reason for the extended playing time was so that I could soak up everything the level had to offer).

Kama Sutra[edit]

10 Sectors[edit]

Torment and Torture (series)[edit]

All records pertinent to this series came from The Ultimate Torment & Torture.

Other Information[edit]

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