I'm grateful for the two landmark decisions made by the Id guys long ago:

  1. Creating the WAD format to facilitate modding
  2. Releasing the engine source code after the revenue dried up

Because of this, and the prolific work of the community, I've had lots of enjoyment playing classic Doom with my thoroughly-customized, EVP-based GZDoom. (I first played this game in 2020 after seeing cool gameplay mod videos on YouTube.)

Since EVP is written in ZScript, I changed a number of things to my liking. However, the Id guys did great work on the original games, so I preserved the fast, fluid vanilla player movement that I really like, as well as most facets of vanilla combat.

I also created three small ZScript mods. Dynamic Enemy Reinforcements is by far the coolest one; give it a try if you want to spice up your gameplay :)