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So, who am i?[edit]

Long time visitor, now maintainer/editor of all things Doom and beyond on this wiki. Usually forgotten or broken links, new historic additions. Adding new, obscure or forgotten parts of our collective Doom History.

What is useless for many, is useful to some.

Special thanks to Quasar and Xymph for looking over most of my contributions and doing small clean up to my little mess ups.

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The H.A/R.M Project:[edit]

It is a documenting and archiving supplement project for the Doom and ZDoom wiki communities. Its purpose is to document all the missing source port links currently existing on the DOOM Wiki and other related Doom obscurities to establish a more complete timeline of DOOM. These may include the documenting of experimental source ports, testbeds and so on. These may or may not have been surpassed by newer ports, but they are part of a port's history and are therefore important or interesting to document. Delivering supplemental historical data for existing ports is also part of the portfolio, aswell as highlighting users that as of now go unrecognized, but deserve to be observed for their contributions even when they are not as visible as others are.

Contributions so far:[edit]

Contributions are in random order.


Ongoing: Amiga. The majority is now covered, and only three more need expansion. Note to self: These still need to be added to the source port list.

  • AmiDoom (Another early Amiga source port, operating in the same timeframe as AmigaDoom and possibly the first port to exist, although not publically)
  • PsiDoom (Another early Amiga source port, independently developed in the same timeframe as AmigaDoom)
  • AmigaDoom (First Amiga port)
  • ZhaDoom68K (AmigaDoom based port)
  • ZhaDoomPPC (AmigaDoom based port, noted for its high resolutions and jumping and flying mechanics)
  • VDoom68K (ADoom based port, not particularly known)
  • VDoomPPC (First Amiga PPC based port)

  • Executable hack (Ongoing) (Initial page. Will categorize all the exe hacks that exist)
  • Source modification (Ongoing) (Initial page. Will categorize all the source mods that exist as a sub tier of source ports.)
  • GrbDoom (Unfinished ZDoom based source modification by Grubber heavily modifying weapons and enemies which was finally retrieved in 2021.)
  • The Battle for Mars (mod) (Unfinished partial conversion using a source modification of GZDoom.)
  • DEHEXTRA (DeHackEd extension providing thousands of codepointers to be used for new monsters, additional animations, and more.)
  • FastDoom (Vanilla Doom port targetting lower end systems, like the 386 and 486. Includes potato mode making it appear like SNES Doom)
  • Doom Patcher (Utility that can apply several executable hacks to the vanilla executable. 700th edit!)
  • VULD (DOS based launcher that can automatically apply DeHackEd patches and graphics from PWADS to a new executable with a custom name, using DoomHack and DeuSF.)
  • Airstrik (Early source modification derived from Doom Legacy demonstrating flight with a demonstration map, similarily to KGZDoom)
  • Vanilla Doom Actions (A demonstrator WAD of all linedef types and sector actions. A great educational tool)
  • Hexen-plus (Hexen executable hack, with raised limits from Doom2-plus but also several enhancements for demo playback)
  • S131mlk (Strife executable hack to enable freelook in the vanilla executable. Likely the only known hack in existence for Strife)
  • Doom2-plus (Limit raising executable hack, provided the basis for all the other Plus hacks)
  • Doom-plus (Doom 1 version executable hack with same raised limits as Doom2-plus)
  • Heretic-plus (Heretic executable hack, with raised limits from Doom2-plus)
  • Doom32 (A further evolution of Doom2-plus executable hack with a few additional raised limits, the ultimate Vanilla engine)
  • DoomTracer (CPU based raytraced port, using Chocolate Doom. What's not to love?)
  • SvStrife-plus (Obscure OpenGL port based on SvStrife, made by Entryway, based on PrBoom Plus and GLBoom)
  • ScoreDoomST (Seperated the port from ScoreDoom and made a proper page for it)
  • WolfDoom (Early 90's technology demo by the lead engineer of the Lithtech engine and using Doom's WAD for textures)
  • DoomWorld! (source modification) (DOSDoom based source modification adding TCP/IP functionality)
  • VanillaDM (GUI based launcher for Vanilla Doom using DOSBox to make multiplayer games easier and to treat DOSBox more like a source port)
  • KGZDoom (ZDoom Community Build-based source modification that attempted to implement vehicle support and custom particle control in ZDoom. Later added gallery of screenshots)
  • VSB Doom (Weird DOSDoom based source modification by the author of The Sky May Be)
  • ZDoom Community Build (The unofficial build ZDoom .96x, with various derivatives)
  • DoomPC (Port of DoomGL minus the OpenGL code, but retaining various improvements)
  • Aleksander Trojanowski (Polish game developer that created several fan-made Doom games with assets from Doom, Hexen and Witchaven in QuickBASIC)
  • IDKFA (video game) (First QuickBASIC game by Aleksander Trojanowski)
  • ATTE (First game in the ATTE series of advanced QuickBASIC shooters)
  • ATTE2 (Sequel to ATTE, expanding the game visually)
  • ATTE3 (Sequel and final game in the series, significantly detouring from its predecessors)
  • ATTE (series) (Introductory page to the ATTE series of video games by Aleksander Trojanowski)
  • Steve Boom (Early Boom based source port expanding upon Boom 2.01)
  • PrjDoom (Successor to Steve Boom, early Boom based source port with several unique features for the time)
  • Woof! (WinMBF based source port focusing on QoL improvements, by Crispy Doom author Fabian Greffrath)
  • Timer (DOSDoom based port for demo recording, by the author of Chase)
  • ManDoom (ZDoom based port with permadeath and random level generation through OBLIGE)
  • Doom UEFI (Port of Linux Doom to the UEFI boot system)
  • Random Doom (DOSDoom port combining SLIGE level generator and BSP (node builder), mention of ManDoom port
  • rorEternity (Experimental Eternity port by RORDoom author Julian Aubourg. A nice challenge to get more accustomed to MediaWiki syntax)
  • Chase (DOSDoom port with first chasecam implementation)
  • SGI (Made a listing of the various available ports and archival links for historic reference)
  • ZDRay and edited the influenced pages for it
  • Magnus Norddahl (dpJudas) and edited the influenced pages for it (ZDoom/GZDoom)
  • Gerwin Broers (Gerwin), author of the MBF 2.04 maintenance release and added trivia there
  • ggiDoom and contributed ggiDoom release data at the source port page. Also added ggiDoom to the Linux Doom genealogy table and link clean up.
  • Andre Werthmann who made the Linux Heretic page and used it as a base for a port of GLHeretic by Michaël Ryssen (Kokak)
  • Linux Heretic and contributed its release data at the source port page


  • Hacx (Added trivia section for its modified DeHacked based executable, DHACX.EXE and describing the differences from the two versions and patches, HACX.DEH and HACX_F.DEH
  • Chris Laverdure (Dashiva) (Inclusion of Doom2.exe Alliance membership and various PrBoom based tools in body of work)
  • Laura Herrmann (BahdKo) (Inclusion of BFGHack DeHacked based executable and PrBoom based CMAT tool)
  • Bot (Expanded page greatly with bot history, DeHacked bots and list of most bots known)
  • Doom 3: Mr. Smiley Head's Safari (Added section about the original custom executable used by it, a binary patched version of DOOM.EXE version 1.2 called DM3_EXV1.EXE)
  • Doom II X-Treme (Added section about the "engine" employed there called Doom2X, aswell as the hardcoded executable the original release used)
  • Doom 2 Extreme Gold (Added section about the "engine" employed there called Doom2X, aswell as the hardcoded executable the original release used)
  • ACE Engine (Expanded the page after Gez's initial workings with feature list and more)
  • Martin Eyre (Vermil) (Added trivia section for Corr7TC's custom JDoom based engine)
  • NxDoom (Reworked page in limited fashion, listed features like BEX support and clean up)
  • DM2Conv (Added Windows x86/x64 port of the utility)
  • GlDoom (Inclusion of April 2020 unofficial updates)
  • Skulltag (Adding section about 2017 forum archive effort and link to said archive)
  • FreeDoom (Various edits, mostly around commercial derivatives using its assets, including an UE4 based title)
  • ScoreDoom (Revamped the page with extensive history and its now a proper page)
  • ZDoomGL (v1) (Reworked the page, unknotted the confusing history, proper representation. Subject to naming debate.)
  • ADoomPPC (Reworked the page so its now a proper page)
  • IDoom (Reworked the page so its now an actual page)
  • Source port (Ongoing) (Adding various ports to the table after they got their articles)
  • Grezzo 2 (Details of renamed Skulltag build, G2.exe)
  • Super Sonic Doom (Details of custom ZDoom build 2.0.94f and links)
  • The Sky May Be (Details of Blessed Engine and links)
  • ADoom (Rewrote the page so its now an actual page)
  • ACS mini game (Added in two new minigames, that do not require ZDoom, but rely on Hexen only)
  • Odamex (Minor additions)
  • Operation Overlord (Included trivia section with specific information regarding the original version's included executable)
  • Christoph Oelckers (Graf Zahl) (Inclusion of ZDoom Community Build)
  • Jan Cholasta (Grubber) (Expanded page with his custom port, and inclusion of ZDoom Community Build)
  • SMMU (Revamped page, history, infobox. Now it looks like a proper page)
  • Chex Quest (Description of included executable, WADs that rely on it, plus Dehacked patches that emulate the behavior)
  • Chex Quest 3 (Description of included executable, including semi-official GZDoom version, source code and WADs that rely on of the official exe)
  • WolfenDOOM (Doom) (Reference of custom Boom modifications used in three scenarios, made by Joel Murdoch)
  • Joel Murdoch (Referenced engine related codework on various projects)
  • SilverMiner (Included trivia section, added source code link for The Boggy Region)
  • Robert Eckhardt (Ichor) (Included trivia section, added source code link for Carnage Galore 3: Fury of Vuradi)
  • Doom 64 TC (Included trivia section with specific information regarding the included executable)
  • Action Doom 2: Urban Brawl (Included trivia section with specific information regarding the included executable)
  • Foreverhood (Included trivia section with specific information regarding the included executable for both versions)
  • Harmony (Included trivia section with specific information regarding the included executable)
  • Deus Vult II (Included trivia section with specific information regarding the included executables)
  • ReMooD (Inclusion of obscure Windows CE and DOS builds)
  • Fabian Greffrath (Inclusion of the Woof! source port)
  • DeHackEd (Doomhack references and explanation)
  • Liquorice (Minor fixes)
  • Chocolate Doom (Added a trivia section to reference version 1.30, notable for WinCE support. Various devices over the years have ran Choco through this version. Also added directory link to that version.)
  • Baron of Hell (Doom Eternal) (Clean up)
  • Julian Aubourg (Inclusion of the rorEternity port)
  • Room-over-room (Inclusion of the rorEternity port)
  • Andy Kempling (aurikan) (Mentioned Chase port and additional clarifications)
  • Chasecam (Added Chase port from Andy Kempling to the list)
  • DOSDoom (Added ports to genealogy table)
  • RORDoom (Link clean up. Clarified source code genealogy and referencing rorEternity port)
  • NEXTSTEP (Clarified name NEXTSTEP version of Doom and included a link to its binary on
  • Doom community jargon (Included Post a log, DevBuild/DevBuilds and Autoload jargon)
  • Amiga (Reworked page. Added several new ports to the list, included various links referencing the mentioned new ports and downloads. Later edits include new ports (VDoom68k and EDoom, the latter being rather rare)
  • GZDoom (Date and feature edits. Also backported features list from the dpJudas page)
  • Doom Classic Unity port (Various additional reference data)
  • MBF (Significantly overhauled the Update section and added MBF-386 and MBF-Sigil/MBF-SNM sub-sections)
  • Catacomb 3D (Added CatacombGL section)
  • DoomGL (adding history, list of features and included yet another port, DoomPC, that later got a seperate page
  • Michaël Ryssen (Kokak) (Revised the page to include all his ports and other developments)
  • Doom Builder 2 (Added Ultimate Doom Builder to the page along with DRD Team and Github links)
  • WinMBF (Added WinMBF64 fork at the page)
  • Caverns of Darkness (Added original COD Engine source code historical date reference by Christopher Lutz and reflected article to mesh with re-release by Joel Murdoch. Later included references to zdoom-cod.exe, the first custom build making it playable under ZDoom)
  • JDP (Unstubbed the page with background info from readme and added latest and original binaries and source code links, the latter only found at the 3D Downloads section of Doomworld)
  • sfdoom (Added detailed features list section, taken directly from the original text and added direct binary and source links. Unlike SMMU, there is no mention of restriction into linking these. Later reworked page to be more official)
  • Mikoportal (Added Doomworld reference and advanced level editing category to the page to be similar to the Linguortal one)

Contributions so far to the ZDoom documentation project:[edit]

  • Created the ManDoom page to the Wiki
  • Created the Raze page to the Wiki, Graf Zahl's port of EDuke32 rendering with GZDoom functions
  • Created the ZDRay page to the Wiki, using information from the DoomWorld entry
  • Rediscovered the ZDuke source port binary and created a thread out of it. Marisa Heit (Randi) generously uploaded the source code of this in December 2019
  • Researched and suggested to add GrbZDoom to the wiki, Gez created its page with links, made slight edits here and there
  • Added original Caverns of Darkness COD Engine source code historical date reference by Christopher Lutz and reflected article to mesh with re-release by Joel Murdoch
  • Added Ultimate Doom Builder to the Doom Builder page along with forum reference and Github link