Sandbox 1 - Chronological order of official DOOM media.

My DOOM Collection[edit]

This is a list of my physical DOOM collection. Photographic evidence TBA.


  • DOOM, PS1 Platinum (PAL)
  • DOOM 3: BFG Edition, PC
  • DOOM (2016), PC keep case
  • DOOM, The Classics Collection, PS4, Limited Run Games

Books and Film[edit]

  • UAC handbook
  • DOOM: Knee Deep in the Dead
  • DOOM 3: Worlds on Fire
  • The Art of DOOM Eternal
  • DOOM - Extended Edition, DVD
  • Masters of DOOM, signed by John Romero
  • DOOM Guy, hardcover, signed by John Romero


  • DOOM (2016) DOOMGuy collectible, Gaming Heads
  • DOOM Eternal Mini Tyrant
  • DOOM Eternal Mini Marauder
  • DOOM Eternal Mini Icon of Sin
  • DOOM Eternal Mini Revenant
  • DOOM Slayer Classic, McFarlane Toys
  • Classic DOOM helmet, Limited Run Games
  • UAC keycard collection

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