This sandbox is being used to list DOOM media, sorted by in-universe chronological order.

These lists exclude:

Order Title Time Setting Release Date Type Notes
0 Classic Wolfenstein timeline WWII - Early 1990s 05/05/1992 Video Game series The Wolfenstein and DOOM series are connected by shared entities
1 The Ultimate DOOM 30/04/1995 Video Game The definitive version of DOOM (1993) as it contains additional episode Thy Flesh Consumed
2 SIGIL 31/05/2019 Official Add-On for TUD "Episode 5" of The Ultimate DOOM
3 Double Impact 30/03/2011 Set during the events of The Ultimate DOOM
4 DOOM II: Hell on Earth 30/09/1994 Video Game
5 No Rest for the Living 26/05/2010 Official Add-On for DOOM II Set "on Earth after Hell's forces have [seemingly] been vanquished".
6 The Plutonia Experiment 17/06/1996 IWAD of Final DOOM Set after Hell's invasion of Earth
7 TNT: Evilution Set after the UAC's reformation mentioned in Plutonia
8 DOOM 64 "Years" after TUD 31/03/1997 Video Game The 2020 release is the definitive version as it contains The Lost Levels campaign
9 The Lost Levels 20/03/2020 Campaign of DOOM 64
10 DOOM VFR October, 2149 01/12/2017 Video Game Takes place shortly before and during DOOM (2016)
11 DOOM (2016) 13/05/2016
12 Quake Champions Early Access 23/08/2017 Although set outside of time and space, from Doomguy's perspective this takes place after DOOM (2016)
13 Quake III Arena 02/12/1999 Set after Champions in the Quake timeline
14 DOOM Eternal 2151 20/03/2020
15 The Ancient Gods: Part One 20/10/2020 DLC for DOOM Eternal


  • There are multiple contradictions from official and semi-official sources as to when the original DOOM games take place:
  • The manual for the SNES port of DOOM claims that the Instruction Booklet was published on 15/03/2022
  • John Romero later claimed that this is in fact false, as the SNES manual was not wrote by ID
  • Based on Tom Hall's comments on Doomguy being Commander Keen's grandson, that would set the original DOOM games, at the earliest, in the mid-2030s (assuming Keen [aged 8 in the early 1990s] and his future child each had a child at the age of 18)
  • According to the Death Certificate that came with the "Daisy, The Pet Rabbit" doll sold by John Romero, Inferno of the original DOOM takes place on 29/05/2020
  • The SNES manual date may still be accurate as it is more than likely, in-universe, it was published after the events of the original DOOM
  • If assuming Doomguy is Keens's son rather than his grandson, the 2020s timeframe is still accurate
  • Whilst it's unconfirmed whether or not Official Add-Ons are canon to the DOOM timeline, ones that do not contradict anything official will be included for the sake of completeness
  • No End in Sight appears to be set in an alternate reality from DOOM, or one that splits off from the timeline after DOOM II
  • The end slide states that the DOOM series (or at the very least DOOM (1993)) exists within this reality as a video game series
  • The end slide also suggests that the human race, apart from Doomguy, is now extinct, which contradicts official games set after DOOM II
  • The official story contradicts the ending of DOOM II, as it states that the invasion of Earth did not cease after the death of the Icon of Sin
  • Deathless appears to have no story
  • REKKR is set in a universe unrelated to DOOM