This sandbox is being used to list DOOM media, sorted by in-universe chronological order. Because of the ambiguity of when exactly most material in the franchise is set, and its many anachronisms, this list is separated into sections by each respective era, and makes use of a heavy amount of guesstimating.

This lists exclude (unless stated why otherwise):

Whilst it's unconfirmed whether or not official add-ons are canon to the DOOM timeline, ones that do not contradict anything official will be included for the sake of completeness:

  • No End in Sight appears to be set in an alternate reality that splits off from the timeline after either Thy Flesh Consumed or DOOM II:
  • The official story contradicts the ending of DOOM II, as it infers that the invasion of Earth did not cease after the defeat of the Icon of Sin.
  • The end slide implies that the DOOM series (or at the very least DOOM (1993)) exists within this reality as a video game series.
  • The end slide also suggests that the human race, apart from Doomguy, is now extinct, which contradicts official games set after DOOM II.


Title Time Period Release Date Type Notes
Double Impact 30/03/2011 Official Add-On for The Ultimate DOOM Set on Phobos[1].
Double Impact takes place moments after the invasion began, long before Doomguy begins KDitD.
Knee-Deep in the Dead 10/12/1993 Episode 1 of DOOM Set on Phobos.
The Shores of Hell Episode 2 of DOOM Set on Deimos.
Inferno Episode 3 of DOOM Set in Hell.
Thy Flesh Consumed 30/04/1995 Episode 4 of TUD Set on Earth.
SIGIL 31/05/2019 Official Add-On for TUD Quasi-official "Episode 5" of The Ultimate DOOM.
Set in "darker shores of Hell".

DOOM II[edit]

Title Time Period Release Date Type Notes
Hell on Earth 30/09/1994 DOOM II Campaign
No Rest for the Living 26/05/2010 Official Add-On for DOOM II Set "on Earth after Hell's forces have (seemingly) been vanquished".
The Plutonia Experiment 17/06/1996 IWAD of Final DOOM Set on Earth and in Hell after the latter's invasion of the former.
TNT: Evilution Set on Io after the UAC's reformation in Plutonia.

DOOM 64[edit]

Title Time Period Release Date Type Notes
DOOM 64 "Years" after TUD 31/03/1997 Video Game The 2020 release is the definitive version as it contains The Lost Levels campaign
The Lost Levels 20/03/2020 Campaign of DOOM 64
DOOM VFR October, 2149 01/12/2017 Video Game Takes place shortly before and during DOOM (2016)
DOOM (2016) 13/05/2016
Quake Champions Early Access 23/08/2017 Although set outside of time and space, from Doomguy's perspective this takes place after DOOM (2016)
Quake III Arena 02/12/1999 Set after Champions in the Quake timeline
DOOM Eternal 2151 20/03/2020
The Ancient Gods: Part One 20/10/2020 DLC for DOOM Eternal


  1. As per Intermission screen background.