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This wiki has outgrown me over the years, and I'm uncertain how I can help.  I am neither part of the Doom community nor a competent FPS player; mostly I've organized and summarized research by others.  Let's also remember that Wikia's maintenance is my fault — note the timestamps [1] [2] [3].  At the very least, if you have a general question, try here or here.

To-do list (currently being re-triaged)

About being an administrator

In 2007, this was purely a technical position.  I was permitted to do obvious and tedious tasks (deleting someone's vacation photos, cleaning up my test templates, banning neo-Nazis) without filing paperwork each time.  In return, if I didn't comprehend some of my new tools, I was expected to ask for help before breaking anything.

Since the fork, its meaning has changed to be more like a forum mod: enforcing an overall project "vision" above and beyond stated consensus, teaching new users about contributing, maintaining relationships with the rest of the internet.  I don't believe I'm at all qualified for these, and I certainly don't meet the criteria from the most recent thread.  As of July 2017, I think I'm doing a VERY VERY SMALL amount of good (spam, page moves, system message typos), but obviously I could be wrong.

Terms from Doctor Who that I overuse and probably should be reverted

Season 12:  absorb, ampoule, carthorse, constitution, countersigned, fail-safe, ham-fisted, infirmary, subsidence

Season 18:  annihilation/annihilate, anomaly/anomalous, anticlockwise, automatically, calcified, cheeseboard, consul, dodecahedron, enquiries, hysteresis/hysteretic, nexus, out of phase, wild catastrophe

Alternate accounts for testing display/config stuff and MediaWiki upgrades:

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For doing a lot of work on various articles that I would personally find very repetative to do personally. (All I see in recent changes at times are your edits) Thank you. TheDarkArchon 02:35, 28 January 2007 (UTC)