Here are some notes I made in the old days, about categorizing new articles.    Ryan W 14:43, 24 September 2011 (UTC)

Rules of thumb

Check regularly, since Special:NewPages only goes back 30 days.

  • Bugs: Anything involving Things should be in Category:Gameplay or a subcategory. Anything involving rendering, line-of-sight issues, or "2.5D vs 3D" physics should be in Category:Doom engine.
  • Disambiguation pages should only be in Category:Disambig.
  • Editing tutorials should be in one editing category and maybe one other category (e.g. textures, new features, audio).
  • Images should be in one category for their licensing status and one category for their subject matter.
  • IRC channel articles should only be in Category:IRC, because the content of an IRC channel is inherently random.
  • People: If indelibly associated with a specific community activity, like speedrunning or port programming, they can go in that category as well as Category:People.
  • Source port articles may be in Category:Source ports even if also in a more specific subcategory, for easier navigation.
  • Templates should only be in Category:Templates or one subcategory.

PWAD categorization

  • title
  • year of release
  • port requirement (vanilla, limit removing, Boom compatible, ZDoom, ...)
  • is it a megawad, episode WAD, or single-level WAD?
  • is it a total conversion or partial conversion?
  • is it a Cacoward winner (including supplementary awards and the 10 Years features)?
  • is it a multiplayer-only WAD?
  • is it a member of a WAD series lacking its own article?
  • is it a texture pack?
  • is it another kind of resource-only WAD?
  • is it a joke WAD?
  • is it a demonstration WAD for an editing tutorial (here or elsewhere)?
  • Category:Events if it is the result of a competition

Level categorization

  • title (happens automatically if you use the "name=" parameter in Template:Map)
  • author (one category per person)
  • map slot if part of a multi-map WAD (happens automatically with Template:Map)
  • game title if part of a commercial release (should be automatic when a navbox is used)
  • is it a secret level?
  • is it a stock level whose console counterpart also has an article?