WMF open door.pngAlthough few editors have maintained categories over the years, I try not to be territorial about it. :> If you see something here you want to do, go ahead. If a task appears unhelpful or obsolete or should be approached differently, just say so! (Most of the ideas are quite old, and I'm sure I overlook trends in article space.) Edit this page if you wish, although threaded discussion should go to the talk page. Thanks.

Mass edits[edit]

  • Some backlogs may be so huge that the first pass must wait for automation
  • Be conceptually consistent with MediaWiki:Licenses
  • If that gets overhauled, be consistent with the new version
  • People should be categorized only under the people sub-tree, e.g. don't categorize a port developer alongside the port
  • Images should be categorized only under the image tree (this has NOT been enforced much in the past), e.g. don't put Adrian Carmack's development sculptures under Historical
  • These images still need an "images by content" category
  • Is Category:Game designers fully populated?
  • Category:Hubs
  • Are there other examples I'm totally forgetting, e.g. with id Tech 4?
  • It's not a subcat of Category:Hexen because it's broader. Hexen hubs belong in Category:Hexen hubs. There are probably oodles of notable ZDoom-based projects with hubs that we haven't written up yet
  • DEFAULTSORT putting name before number (analogous to page titles beginning with map slots)
  • Individual maps go in new subcategory Category:Levels without slot number? (Analogous to levels without names)
  • Content subcategories for LMPs and WADs, "Original" vs "Demonstration"? The former is arguably irrelevant and they should be merged; originality is not necessarily required for a libre license, esp. if we are not the place of first publication (and on the flip side, it might sound as though we want to brand all other submissions artistically unoriginal!). Doom Wiki:Copyrights retains the Wikia demand of self-created works in these file formats, but we routinely disregard such strictures nowadays under the banner of archival preservation. 20200613: just noticed, "Demonstration WADs" includes a couple of the bug demos from Lee Killough's website, mixed in with files created specifically for on-wiki tasks (like RESRPAIN.WAD). Maybe split by that characteristic if "Original" is agreed to make sense?


  • Subcategories of Category:Cacowards (might depend on how many topics are considered notable, which hasn't been determined IIRC)
  • Standardize hierarchy
  • Encompass all varieties of recipients
  • Recommend in parent description that individual awardees be diffused
  • Third-party software
  • Previous comments that may or may not be related: 1 2 3 4 5
  • In 2006 I definitely wanted strict orthogonal axes implemented in parallel, e.g. target OS versus main functionality
  • Another possible axis is the data packing/encoding used, e.g. WadC/dh-dlc/DoomEd/DWD all represent maps as text (thanks to User:Jdowland on IRC for this idea)
  • Content changes discussed here may end up superseding this entire train of thought
  • Do expansion levels go in the base game's category, their own subcategory, or both? Is the answer to that always the same?
  • Ultimate Doom
  • SotSR
  • Deathkings
  • SVE
  • Does Requiem belong in Category:Multiplayer WADs?
  • Does Deus Vult belong in Category:Level WADs?
  • Obituary: individual authors are tagged to the umbrella article, but maps are categorized under the team
  • Are these meant for commercial releases only? If not, some community projects are missing. If so, community projects (like Linguica's works) should be moved elsewhere
  Ammo Characters Items Locations Mechanics Monsters Weapons
Chex Quest
Doom 64
Doom RPG
Doom 3 n/a
Doom (2016)
Doom VFR
Doom Eternal


  • Are hidden maintenance categories each in the appropriate subcategory?  Probably.
  • Is it still important to answer this question, given that Quasar intends to install the disambiguation extension?

Miscellaneous input that might suggest systematic categorization tweaks, but apparently I didn't write down my actual proposals[edit]