[level info][edit]

Hi, I'm an English Doomer & mapper called Shaun Stubbins. I go by the handle of Stubbsy, you can find more misc information about me here: Wikipedia:User:Stubbsy67



I've been mapping since around 1996, and have released many of my maps and projects on my website, [dead link]. I now map solely for Doom Legacy. I also enjoy playing Heretic and, currently, Hexen.

Notable completed maps[edit]

  • Go4it - My Doom II megawad project. Whilst the project as a whole is still under construction, I release the maps as and when they're done so they're available sooner for people to play. It currently consists of 13 maps, with 2 more maps completed and due for release soon, and another about 50% complete.
  • Unamed DM pack - A collection of 5 DM maps. I add to this project whenever I feel like making a DM map...
  • Marble Zone - A one level conversion in the theme of Marble Zone from Sonic 1. Includes some sprite replacements and original music from Marble Zone.

In Progress[edit]

  • Go4it - See above.
  • DoomSport - A very unique project which is a collaboration between my brother and I. It will feature many single player 'games' in which certain objectives must be completed to achieve a high score. Games so far include blasting Imps as far as possible, fairground style shooting range and various rocket jumping speed courses. All maps feature an automatically updating scoreboard which will hold your scores even as you move between maps! More info and demo for download: [dead link], [dead link].
  • Homestar Gunner - Deathmatch atop your favourite characters from

Currently unreleased for unknown reasons...[edit]

Dungeon Keeper Conversion - A complete graphics and sound conversion for the '95 game Dungeon Keeper! All monsters and items are replaced by creatures or artifacts from DK, and many of the sounds are used too. I've also made a map in the style of DK, with a great deal of script to include mission objectives, events true to DK such as the killing of a dungeon heart, and the advisors voice. Will be released soon...

[notable contributions][edit]

  • E5M8: Field of Judgement - New article (5th Sept 06)
  • This template, the screenshots on every one of it's pages, and all the articles apart from Wand Crystal and Ethereal Arrows were created by me on the 7th Sept 06:

I aim to create or contribute to the following HeXen pages (for personal reference as much as anything):