If you must know my name is Graham Lawrence Wilson and I am a cattle rancher and student in Central Alberta. I am the founder of the Blood Wiki for the Blood series of video games. The wiki was design was inspired by the Doom Wiki and I'd like to think that we have produced the ultimate guide to those cult hit games. While not as a detailed in certain respects as the Doom Wiki, our wiki is probably the most consistent and well organized ever. I have read, proof-read, categorized or written every article on it and organization has always been important to us.

Outside of Blood I am the moderator at the Wikia wikis for Warren Zevon, the cult singer/songwriter of "Werewolves of London" fame, and Red Dwarf, the cult sci-fi/sit-com that was recently resurrected. I am also very active on Wikipedia (or as I call it: the mother wiki) - largely any thing to do with GNU/Linux or free software gaming though I have edited and expanded articles on far more subjects then that.

In addition I am the technical director for Piga Software, a free software development organization primarily aimed at making GNU/Linux games. So far we have made an adventure game, Alexei: Part IX, and an arcade game, Windys, but have many more in the pipeline. In fact I have been working on a first-person shooter/adventure game demo featuring an unconventional engine design that provides a simple, if limited, version of the third dimension. In addition it features a great deal of special features - partly to make up for its limitations. However, like id, things are done "when [they're] done." Everything is coded in Gambas, a great modern BASIC language and IDE inspired by Visual Basic and Java.

Feel free to contact me on my talk page.