Hello, fellow users. My name's the TheDataMonster. I'm in a lot of places. I play DOOM on my PC/Xbox 360 and have started Doom II on my PC. I only like the orignials (Doom, Doom II, Final Doom, The Ultimate Doom). DOOM 3 isn't good.

I have started my own WAD, entitled Survival. One level (NOT A JOKE!) has over 1000 cyberdemons and 2 spiderdemons(It's not a joke WAD). They are in the background and are boxed up, and unavailable to kill. Your kill ratio will be terribly minute.

(To me) scariest DOOM monster (Top 5)[edit]

5. Cacodemon

4. Demon/Spectre

3. Baron

2. Cyberdemon

1. Lost Soul#


It's a super-mod on DOOM1.wad(Doom E1).