Some guy who likes to play FPSes and has too much time on his hands. When he's not working on articles here, he's also speedrunning Doom PWADs. Video versions of the Doom runs he's recorded so far can be found on his YouTube page. The majority of these are part of a campaign to play every (Ultimate) Doom level in the idgames archive.

He's also on Wikipedia, although he rarely ever edits there.

Oh, and he was part of the team who created Community Chest 3, released on Thanksgiving 2007, which has since won one of the 14th Annual Cacowards over at Doomworld. Neat, huh? He also lead Community Chest 4, and one may discuss the Community Chest series in general in the #cchest channel (chat) on OFTC.

Also, he's an admin for some reason. Need help? Ask him!

Contributions thus far[edit]

Articles in the process of being created[edit]

None yet...

Possible future contributions[edit]

  • Articles for Kama Sutra, and what else... Well, after I beat them, at least. ;)

1. ^  Which allowed him to write "causes six giant portraits of Adolf Hitler to rise from the floor" and have it not be vandalism.