About me(yo)[edit]

Yo, this is my first account on a wiki. I chose this wiki because I am a big Doomer, play online, speedrunner, and do some modding. I have been playing Doom for almost three years. Online I either go by Awup(ZDaemon) or VectorManJam(Skulltag). I do many other things besides play Doom as well, such as BMX riding (ride for life!), break dancing, snowskating, overall gaming, bass guitar, and pretty much pc everything.

Music and such[edit]

I listen to many different kinds of music. I lsten to pretty much all metal (accept for grindcore), I am a huge fan of death metal (luffz Cannibal Corpse, Morbid Angel, Death, Nile). I listen to alot of black metal too. I even listen to classical (Back, Pachebel) and clasic rock (David Bowie is duh shiznit yomes). I listen to death rap, gangster rap, and oldschool rap. I also like some blues/jazz (SRV). My favorite band ever is Korn; I love Fear Factory and Cannibal Corpse as well yo.

Gaming yo[edit]

To start off, my favorite Doom game is The Ultimate Doom, however, I love all the other games as well. My favortie modzzzz are Phocas Island 2 and Rylayeh. My favorite DM wad is 2dmmaps by Twiztid yo. I own almost all the games except for Doom RPG and ROE.

Other games I like to play are Call of Duty 4, Far Cry: Instincts, The Fear Series, Resistance: Fall of Man, The Halo Trilogy, Dead Space (is savage), The Elder Scorlls IV Oblivion, Skate, and Guitar Hero 3. The only console is an Xbox, so I play all of these games on my firends PS3's and 360's yo.


I should have some picz and stuff on here soon yo. See youz on teh ZD and ST servers MANE!