Hi, I am Xane123, also known as Xane M.

Current thoughts on everything[edit]

(Notice: Some of this text is not related to Doom or anything related to Doom, and really should be a rant.)

Doom is awesome. Ever since its fake 3D appearance, it has been cool, until I saw ZDoom and GZDoom. These made Doom look even more amazing, combined with the "Doom in Hexen format" maps, which allowed scripting. (Doom topic ending, skip to next section)

Something I gotta say I hate which limits my Doom showing, and it's "legal issues". It prevents me from showing any levels I'm working on. It's Copyright, and I'll say that you may be surprised to see this next part.

SPOILER WARNING: Secret detail follows.

Copyright, for all stupidity it is, it is in the hack, and it is able to be killed!


Now if only the government would realize this thing is a problem, as it once started off as a mere "you don't copy my work, I don't copy yours.", but today, all companies (except id, as they (thankfully) allow their content to be used in hacks because... Let's just say they are mere tiny hacks of the Doom engine.) decide to say "NO if you do copy you will face $OVAR 9000 and get THROWN IN JAIL." Wow. Arn't they selfish? id is better. id Software. Man, I hope some Marine (Doomguy) is reading this, because it's obvious that those selfish companies are going to Hell for their greed and not allowing people to reuse their work. (Keyword: REUSE.)

Current project[edit]

My current project is Doom II: The Monster Invasion, which basically puts many different worlds together, while combining them with Doom. Although it is in early beta, it will be made way bigger sooner or later.

Copyright of this hack[edit]

Unfortunately, due to the copyright rules (see below this page) of this awesome wiki, I cannot show you anything yet. However, if anything may end up on the Doom Wiki, something may appear.