DOOM changed my life. Yes, really. :)

Done / To-Do[edit]

Contributions so far.

  • ✓Add to/update 1990s history & the classic games where I can
  • Add to/update ✓Timeline, ✓, ✓idgames archive, ✓Usenet groups, ✓RGCD Support Team, ✓Doom Help Service
  • Add/update stewards: ✓John Van Essen, ✓Piotr Kapiszewski, ✓Ty Halderman, ✓Richard Ward, ✓Tony Lezard, ✓Raphaël Quinet, ✓Mike Newton, ✓Joost Schuur, ✓Ian Mapleson, ✓Paul Falstad, ✓Tom Neff, others?, ✓me
  • ✓Play through all of Doom II, TNT: Evilution and The Plutonia Experiment, and proofread/improve their levels' pages (and Ultimate Doom's) along the way (or afterwards)
    • Of course I played Doom II numerous times back in the day, so the trip down memory lane was augmented via Brutal Doom on GZDoom.
    • The late great Ty Halderman kindly sent me a boxed copy of Final Doom in 1996, but I never got around to playing it until now. :)
    • While I do own boxed copies of Hexen and Strife, I never got around to playing more than their demos. I did however complete Heretic: SotSR.
  • ✓Analyze and improve map views images
  • ✓Create the DMMPST map statistics tool to generate wiki-ready mapdata, things and map skel structures, as well as thing appearance statistics
  • ✓Operate the XymphBot account to automatically and ongoingly:
    • update Statistics sections of map pages and add new map skeletons via the dmmpstBot script
    • upload map view images via uploadmapBot and add them to map pages via mapviewBot
    • add author(s) and their level categories to map skeletons via authorBot, par times via partimeBot, and links to demo sites via demolinkBot
    • generate navigation boxes for map series via navboxGen and add them to map pages via navboxBot
    • add/update deathmatch sections, player spawns and map views via dmsectionBot, pspawnsBot, uploadmapDmBot and mapviewDmBot
    • on mapper pages, checks consistency and authorship of WADs/maps and applies consistent formatting via mapperMaps, and create new mapper pages via createMapper
    • generate lists of Wikipedia, Interwiki and templatable links, of pages starting with an article, and of mappers ranked by map count
    • perform other checks and edits via various Bot scripts
  • Add or update (as appropriate) data tables for Things in Doom, Heretic, Hexen & Strife, using tools compiled against each game's INFO.C file to extract relevant information directly from the engine's data tables (imaginatively titled DMINFO, HTINFO, HXINFO & SFINFO)
  • Explore the feasibility of fetching records information from Compet-N and DSDA and generating record tables for maps and speedrunners (talk, talk, talk)
  • Try and figure out if a GIMP script can automate placing map spots as much as possible
  • Odd 'n ends as I encounter them
  • Fix & dead links
    • I believe links should point directly to the most recent valid archive, so wiki users won't have to hunt down the date bar there themselves