E1M1: Hangar is the first map of Knee-Deep in the Dead in Doom. It was designed by John Romero and uses the music track "At Doom's Gate". Being the first map in the game, it is small and straightforward, with a par time of 30 seconds.



There are no keys in this map, so you can go directly to the exit. From the start point (A), walk forward across the blue floor, turn right, and go through the door into the central computer room (B). Proceed through this room and through a short passage, and you will enter a large room with a nukage pool across which goes a zig-zag bridge (C). Go through the door on the far side, then through the exit door into the final room (D).

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Areas / screenshots[edit]


The Hangar level is recommended for deathmatch mode for a few key reasons. Given that it is the first level of the shareware game, almost everyone is familiar with it. It also has a good array of multiplayer-only weapons and is small enough to work well with 4 or fewer players.


Map data[edit]

Things 229
Vertices 874*
Linedefs 953
Sidedefs 1145
Sectors 128
* The vertex count without the effect of node building is 810.


This level contains the following numbers of things per skill level: