There's a discussion about creating/updating Thing data tables by compiling the source code's INFO.C (and friends) into a working C program to extract the information directly from the mobjinfo, state, sprite and sound tables. Here's more information that's too voluminous for that main topic.

Thing Flags[edit]

In Doom, things/mobj's have one Flags field. This table lists their numbers and descriptions:

Flag DHE description Source enum DMINFO description
0 Can be picked up MF_SPECIAL Can be picked up
1 Obstacle MF_SOLID Obstacle
2 Shootable MF_SHOOTABLE Shootable
3 Total invisibility MF_NOSECTOR No sector links (Invisible)
4 Can't be hit MF_NOBLOCKMAP No blocklinks (Inert)
5 Semi-deaf MF_AMBUSH Ambush (Semi-deaf)
6 In pain MF_JUSTHIT Just hit (In pain)
7 Steps before attack MF_JUSTATTACKED Just attacked (Step first)
8 Hangs from ceiling MF_SPAWNCEILING Hangs from ceiling
9 No gravity MF_NOGRAVITY No gravity
10 Travels over cliffs MF_DROPOFF Drops off ledges
11 Picks up items MF_PICKUP Picks up items
12 No clipping MF_NOCLIP No clipping
13 Slides along walls MF_SLIDE Sliding along walls
14 Floating MF_FLOAT Floating
15 Semi-no clipping MF_TELEPORT No line crossing
16 Projectiles MF_MISSILE Projectile
17 Disappearing weapon MF_DROPPED Dropped by enemy
18 Partial invisibilty MF_SHADOW Partial invisibility
19 Puffs (vs. bleeds) MF_NOBLOOD Puffs vs. blood
20 Sliding helpless MF_CORPSE Sliding corpse
21 No auto-leveling MF_INFLOAT No auto-leveling
22 Affects Kill % MF_COUNTKILL Affects kill %
23 Affects Item % MF_COUNTITEM Affects item %
24 Running MF_SKULLFLY Flying skull
25 Not in deathmatch MF_NOTDMATCH Not in deathmatch

Heretic has a second Flags field:

Flag HHE description Source enum HTINFO description
0 Subject to Inertia MF2_LOGRAV Alternate gravity
1 Blown by Wind MF2_WINDTHRUST Wind can thrust
2 Bounces MF2_FLOORBOUNCE Bounces off floor
3 Goes Through Invis MF2_THRUGHOST Missile passes thru ghosts
4 Pushable Up Cliffs MF2_FLY Flying
5 Walks In Liquids MF2_FOOTCLIP Feet can be clipped
6 Starts on Floor MF2_SPAWNFLOAT Spawn random float height
7 Does Not Teleport MF2_NOTELEPORT No teleport
8 Dragon Claw Spikes MF2_RIP Missile rips thru solid
9 Pushable MF2_PUSHABLE Pushable
10 Only Hits Monsters MF2_SLIDE Slide against walls
11 Unknown MF2_ONMOBJ On top of mobj
12 Unknown MF2_PASSMOBJ Pass over/under mobj
13 Particles MF2_CANNOTPUSH Cannot push other pushables
14 Unknown MF2_FEETARECLIPPED Feet are being clipped
15 Varying Damage MF2_BOSS Major boss
16 Causes Burning Death MF2_FIREDAMAGE Fire damage
17 Does Not Push Things MF2_NODMGTHRUST No damage thrust
18 Telefrags MF2_TELESTOMP Can stomp (Telefrag)
19 Bobbing MF2_FLOATBOB Float bobbing movement
20 Unknown MF2_DONTDRAW No vissprite

The descriptions used in DMINFO/HTINFO sometimes deviate from the old, reverse-engineered DHE/HHE ones because the enum names and comments in the source files helped to make them more accurate and, err, descriptive.