The unreachable E4M3 secret[edit]

Unlike you claim, it shouldn't be possible to trigger the seemingly unreachable E4M3 torch secrets even with SR50. If you can somehow pull this off yourself, please record a demo of it, upload it somewhere and post a link to it here for proof, and we can re-add your contribution to the E4M3 article. -- Janizdreg 23:28, 29 August 2009 (UTC)

If it's extremely rare but someone has witnessed it (as is stated below), then it should be possible to do a calculation that verifies the possibility, based on the source code, like the MAP07 pacifist calculation.  That would still be a new development even without the demo, and IMO could be included in the article in a "Technical information" section.    Ryan W 18:28, September 1, 2009 (UTC)


hi,i sadly do not have demo file(yet) but i will try to make 1, i have only gotten 100 secrets 2 time(i was playing on ULTIMATE DOOM V1.9) but i would like to thank you for letting me know about this matter. I will still be trying to make a demo file but again I HAVE ONLY DONE IT TWICE AND I HAVE BEAN PLAYING DOOM FOR 7 YEARS NOW.

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