Musical inspirations behind Doom's music[edit]

Hello. I rejected your change to this article because several music tracks have been claimed as the inspiration for "At Doom's Gate", including Master of Puppets. From the notes for Doom music:

"The inspiration behind E1M1 - At Doom's Gate has historically been a long-standing issue of discussion and contention among Doom's fanbase. Tracks by bands such as Metallica or Pantera have been suggested as sources, but there is no conclusive evidence that supports any particular track. The track itself is based around a generic heavy metal riff, meaning that it sounds similar to many different heavy metal songs. In a 2017 interview, Bobby Prince clarified that it was not inspired by any particular song, and was written before having listened to any heavy metal music [1]."
― Doom music - note 3

You are welcome to suggest songs that it could be, but you will be required to bring VERY good evidence. Gauss (talk) 11:22, 18 July 2021 (CDT)

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